This special discounted bundle of Workshop Recordings includes three special videos to connect activate your Chakras.

The usual price for these workshops would be £11 but they are available in this bundle at a special price of £20 for all three.

This bundle includes:

1. Advanced Activation of your Earth Star Chakra for Higher Ascension

During this high frequency recording you will connect with Archangel Sandalphon to fully awaken the 33 chambers of your Earth Star chakra, so that it glows liquid silver. Then you can activate your life mission and enable higher ascension. You can build your Antakarana Bridge all the way to Source. At this point you can fully heal yourself and receive Source light into every cell of your body. You can also bring peace and harmony into your life and the world.

2. Anchor your 5D base chakra to feel Safe, Secure and take Mastery

When your fifth dimensional base chakra is anchored and operational you feel safe, secure, and grounded.  You know without question that the spiritual world will support and protect you.  You step into Mastery.  Then you automatically radiate this sense of trust and safety to others around you and this is particularly important in this current time.

During this recording in a powerful visualisation we will connect with Archangels Gabriel, Christiel, Raphael, Jophiel and the dragons to clear your emotional and mental bodies.  This will enable your base chakra to rise in frequency and expand until it fully merges with your Higher Self.   Then it will start the process of drawing down Monadic energies until it becomes fifth dimensional.  It will shimmer with pure platinum light.

The cosmic base chakra is Saturn and as your own base chakra becomes fifth dimensional the Masters of Saturn can communicate with you and hold you in safety.  You can connect with the wisdom of Atlantis held by the dolphins.

3. Illuminate your Sacral Chakra to heal your relationships, attract your soul family and true love. And accelerate a shift to higher sexuality in the world collective consciousness

The Sacral Chakra contains the lessons of sexuality and also of relationships, especially those with your family.  It is time now for all the cords into your Sacral caused by lower thoughts and connections to be cleared and finally transmuted.

When you express pure love your sacral chakra glows with glorious fifth dimensional delicate golden pink light, so that you attract empowering, loving, respectful relationships.  You also draw your true soul family to you.

The cosmic sacral is Sirius and its ascended aspect, Lakumay.  Here the Golden Globe containing 9th dimensional Christ light is held.  We will access this to heal every chamber of this centre. 

As we approach the New Golden Age it is really important that a great clearance of this chakra takes place for humanity.  When enough people raise the frequency of the sacral to the fifth dimension, it will spread to everyone and transform the world.  This Zoom will enable you to bring your sexual and relationship centre to a higher frequency and influence the planet.  Together we are accelerating a shift in the world collective consciousness.

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