Dear Diana and colleagues

I’m very new to the Angel journey & slightly afraid that I’m ‘making it all up’ in my own mind, seeing things into my Oracle cards to suit me & seeing feathers which might just be from a passing bird! Sometimes I’m confident I’m learning and will eventually connect with the Angels and other times I think I’m a nutcase!

What I want more than anything else right now is for my lovely best friend to be well. She’s just been diagnosed with breast cancer, has a kidney transplant & is blind so her upcoming double mastectomy is a huge deal. I’m trying to surround her with golden, white and protective blue light and hugs from Angel wings and probably driving the Angels potty with my constant requests for them to help her! Is there anything more I can do to help her? She is a fantastic person, has a lovely partner & other family & friends who love her, myself included. I’m scared of losing her – is that the reason she’s having problems, that I’m asking her to be made well for my own benefit? Anyway, if you can suggest anything to help her, or send healing vibes to her, I’d be very grateful. She is SO worth it!

Thank you, and all the best to all of you.


Hola Jane

Firstly, sorry to hear that your friend is having such a challenging time. She must be a very evolved soul to be going through all these experiences? 
In answer to the first part of your question – if you are a nutcase, so are a lot of us!! When you start out connecting with Angels, Masters, Guides etc it is common to feel that it is your imagination but imagination and intuition are linked and it is a way of us connecting with these beings so just be open and TRUST what you are seeing or hearing! You are on the right path….

With regards to your friend – the most powerful thing you can do for her is to SEE her being well and operation going smoothly, keep holding that vision, her Angels will already be around her so by all means ask them to help FOR HER HIGHEST GOOD and then step back and let them get on with the job! Of course you are worried you are going to lose her but you cannot change her spiritual journey so keep holding her in love and light and TRUST that all will be well – she is very lucky to have you as a friend! 


Penny Wing 

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation