Dear Madam,

I’m a sixteen-year-old teenager, I have read your book named Angel Inspiration, and I try to see my angel, but he always stand behind my back. Am I too young to contact with it?

Sometimes I call him to do something, but I don’t know if he hears me. Or if he understands my language.

Hola Janis

How wonderful you are interested in connecting with your Guardian Angel. You are not too young; your Angel has been by your side since you were born and as you get older and start to explore your spirituality and open up you will feel the connection more strongly. Our Angels always hear us especially when we talk to them from the heart so keep talking!! They understand all languages in fact they don’t need to know our language as such as they are energy! Enjoy your connection, you are an old soul!


Penny Wing

Master Teacher

Diana Cooper Foundation