Angel Academy By Annita Keane

Illustrated by Lisa Dickinson.

Jacks first day at school.

It is September 1st. The sun is shining brightly in the sky and the leaves on the trees are glistening in all the colours of autumn.  Jack snuggled under the duvet, wondering what the day would bring. You see, today was Jack’s first day of school and Jack was worried. He listened to the sounds in the house. Katie his twin sister was running about, excitedly, getting ready for the day.

illustration-1She burst into Jacks room and jumped on his bed. ‘Get up, get up Jack’ she squealed. ‘Our first day of school is here, let’s go….’ Jack groaned ‘Katie!!! I’ll be up in a minute’ he said. And with that Katie ran out of the room laughing; ‘Hurry up’ she said. ‘Big school at last’.  It’s so exciting!!!

Jack didn’t feel so excited. While he and Katie look alike; curly black hair, big brown eyes and cheeky grins, it always took Jack a little longer to get used to things than Katie. Jack was careful. Katie was careful too, but not as careful as Jack. Jack called on his Guardian Angel Jeremy and asked; ‘Will you be with me today Jeremy?

’ Of course I will’ Jeremy replied. ‘I am with you every minute of every day and night. That’s what guardian angels do.  I never leave your side little Jack’ He said. Jack felt a little better as he thanked Jeremy for his help and slowly started to get ready for the day……Very soon Jack and Katie were ready. They looked very smart in their school clothes. Each had a knap sack with a note pad and pencil inside. Katie squeezed Jacks hand in hers and said ‘don’t worry Jack, this will be fun…’

With that she ran out to the car. Katie always seemed to know when he was worried. ‘Ok Jeremy’ Jack smiled, ‘let’s go’, and he followed Katie into the car.

Sometime later they arrived at the school. There were kids everywhere. Jack couldn’t help but feel a little excited. His mother brought them into the classroom and settled them down, as she did so she chatted with the teacher. Jack and Katie took in the scene. ‘Oh Jack’ said Katie, ‘would you look at all this, come on’. The classroom was huge. It was very bright with lots of windows. There were little tables and chairs (perfect for little people); giant numbers and letters on the walls; and lots of toys neatly stacked in their shelves. There was even a sand pit at the corner of the room. Lots of kids were there already and appeared to fit right in.

Jack heard his Mum ask the teacher to keep an eye on him as he was a little nervous. She kissed the twins goodbye and then left. Suddenly Jack was worried again. He called his angel and asked him for help. ‘Where are you Jeremy?’ he said, ‘I can’t see you’. ‘I am right here’ Jeremy said,’ this sand is great’. Jack looked over to the sand and lo and behold, there was Jeremy in the middle of the sand pit playing with another kid. ‘Oh cool’ said Jack. ‘No one told me there would be sand here’ he went over and joined his angel as the poured the sand into the containers.

My-name-is-Karen-Finch-Illustration-3A little while later the teacher called them all together.’ Let’s sit down now children’ she said. ‘I think it is time we got to know each other. I would like you all to take turns telling us a little about yourself’.  Jack found a seat next to another little boy. He didn’t know his name and was afraid to ask. He smiled shyly before sitting on the seat next to him. He noticed Katie chatting to a little girl in the next row. Jack listened carefully as the other kids took their turn and he felt really nervous as he waited for his. He had a pain in his tummy and his mouth suddenly felt quite dry.

’How am I going to tell all those kids about me he panicked?’ Jeremy put

his hand on Jacks other shoulder. Jack already felt a little better but not much.

My-name-is-Karen-Finch-Illustration-4‘I am scared’ Jack said. ‘Quick Jeremy, what am I to do?’ Jeremy thought for a second and then said, ‘I have an idea he said’. ‘What is it?’ Jack said: ‘Quick Jeremy Quick!’

‘Why don’t you look at me and tell me about yourself ‘Jerome said. ‘We speak together all the time, you don’t need to be frightened then little Jack’ Jeremy said kindly. ‘Oh, what a good idea’

‘Well Jack, can you stand up and tell the class a little about yourself’ said the teacher. Jack looked around hoping she was talking to someone else. ‘Oh oh she is looking right at me Jeremy,’ Jack said feeling really nervous.

He looked at the floor hoping that the teacher would ask another kid, but instead she came down and put her hand on his shoulder. ‘There is no need to be afraid Jack’ she said. ‘I am right here’.  Jack was very aware of where she was…. He remembered what Jeremy said….

No one knew Jeremy was there you see, except Jack. None of the other kids could see, nor could they hear Jack talking to his angel. They spoke in their minds. They just knew what each other was saying without having to say it out loud… Jack said as he stood up. Taking a deep breath, he spoke out loud, and looked directly at Jeremy as he told him all about himself. With a great big smile on his face as he did it.

illustration-5Jeremy smiled too and gave Jack the thumbs up as he sat back in his seat, all finished.

‘I did it Jeremy that was easy’ said Jack. ‘Thank you Jeremy that was a great idea’.

‘Well done Jack’, said the teacher. ‘What a brave boy you are’. Jack chuckled to himself, ‘If only she knew, he thought’. Jack found himself relaxing and enjoying the rest of his first day in school.

‘School isn’t so scary after all, especially when I have my Angel Jeremy with me!’

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