I remember the awe and excitement I felt when I started to make contact with angels and realised how much help, guidance and support they could give me. Their presence has changed my life and opened up a new world of happiness, success and love – and I know they can help you in this way too.

I want to share their knowledge and inspiration with you, so that your life is touched as mine was. You too can be abundant, confident and see life from a new perspective. You too can feel radiant as angels and even archangels light you up.  Through them you can learn to help other people and the whole world.

Do you want to learn about and connect with angels and archangels from the comfort of your own home?  Is the Diana Cooper Angel Correspondence course for you?

You can take one or all of the three Modules and do them in your own time.  You will be allocated a tutor to oversee your work and help you.

Each of the Modules is a workbook with a CD.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Learn about the angels
  • Ground and Protect yourself
  • Connect with and work with the angels
  • Discover your angels name
  • Understand and feel auras
  • Channel angel healing
  • Practice meditations

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In Module 2 you will:

  • Learn about the angelic hierarchy
  • Connect with and work with the Archangels and gem rays
  • Practise ways of raising your consciousness to access the cosmic heart
  • Create a peace altar
  • Write Archangel Invocations and visit their awesome retreats
  • Work with angel dreams

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In Module 3 you will:

  • Improve your visualisation skills
  • Explore steps to bring about your perfect life and access abundance
  • Experience the power of sacred sound and healing with colour
  • Learn about the vibration of your soul lessons
  • Practise reading auras and moving energy
  • Write to and channel your angels
  • Create an angelic ritual and experience your angel wings
  • Understand the spiritual power of Golden Atlantis
  • Connect with the Unicorns and Angel Dolphins

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Buy Modules 1, 2 & 3 of the Angel correspondence course

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Comments from People about Benefits of the Correspondence Course

I enjoyed all of part 1, it was clear, concise and exciting to do.  All the exercises and information are wonderful.  I am looking forward to part 2.

Another comment

I have thoroughly enjoyed the material which is clear, concise and easy to digest.

Another comment after part 4

I have learnt so much since the beginning of this course.  It is hard to say what is most important, but I think the protection I learnt and meeting my Guardian Angel must be in the top ones.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Module 1 and look forward to starting Module 2.

Comment after part 3

My life has changed.  I feel I am more positive, compassionate and caring to myself and others.  The Angels have changed my outlook.
L.B. – England

I was really excited when I saw the course on the website.  I don’t know  of any angel workshops or courses in Perth so it’s great to be able to participate in this one.
A.G. – Perth, Australia

Thank you, your insightful feedback on my work has reassured me and inspired me.  I really enjoyed the course and have found a new, closer connection to the angels which I would not have otherwise found so easily.  I am really pleased that they chose to point me in the direction of the course.
G.P. – England

Working with the Angels has changed my life into a glorious, exciting journey. I have enjoyed Module 1 very much and have gained great insight and understanding.

My life has become so much richer.  I go through the day with a great awareness, an awareness of beauty, an awareness for others needs.  I love this earth and appreciate it.

Comment after part 5

The angels are giving me inspiration, with their help I have changed my life.  I now embrace life as a glorious gift – an opportunity to learn my lessons, overcome challenges without fear, because I am not alone.  Help is always close by.  I have never felt so loved, so blessed.
S.D.B. – England (finishing the course in the Congo)

Help comes from the Angels only for your highest good and I believe I have now experienced this whilst doing part 2 of this course.
J.S. – England

The best experience that I had during this part of the module was becoming aware that my angels really are with me all the time.  The most overwhelming sense is that of the love that I feel surrounding me and being showered on me when I practice the exercise, this always lets me know that my angel is close.
M.C. –  enrolled while in England, doing the course in Hong Kong at the moment