Angel Quiz

Angel Quiz

Can you guess who these angels are from the clues?


  1. I carry a big sword and shield. I can cover you with my blue cloak for protection. You can ask me to give you courage and strength.  I am ……
  2. I am the angel of healing. I work with an emerald green light.  I am …..
  3. I oversee the angels of love. I can help people to find love and compassion. I can help people to forgive and help people with broken hearts.  I am …..
  4. I look after the animals of the planet. I can help sick animals to get better. I bring animals to heaven when they die.  I am….
  5. I am the angel of wisdom. I can help you with solutions to your problems and help you in school.  I am ……
  6. I am the angel of purity and clarity. I can help you to know what the right thing to do is.  I am….


Hint: Choose from this list. Jophiel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Fhelyai, Chamuel.

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