Angel Shortbread Cookies

Angel Shortbread Cookies















What you need for the cookies (makes approx 14):

150g or 6oz plain flour
50g or 2oz caster sugar
100g or 4oz butter
A mixing bowl
A rolling pin
Angel cookie cutter (or else a steady hand and a knife, check with an adult)
Two greased baking trays
Freshly washed pair of hands

You don’t need to decorate these cookies, they are delicious plain, but if you want to, here’s what we did…

To Decorate (What we used – try your own variations):

Sugar stands
Icing Sugar
Food colouring
Baking pearls



Set the oven at 170 degrees centigrade/325 degrees fahrenheit/gas mark 3. Put all of your ingredients (flour, butter and sugar) into a mixing bowl and mix it all up with your hands. Ask the angels to help you to put extra love into the cookies and to make them fantastically delicious. Keep mixing until they are P1000753P1000752like breadcrumbs. Now form it into a ball,














we used a splash of cold water to help it to stick together. Now roll it out on a clean floured surface, sprinkle flour on your rolling pin too. The mixture is a bit sticky so add flour as needed. When it’s nice and smoothly rolled out cut out angel











shapes, either with your angel cookie cutter or knife and super steady hand and put them onto a greased baking tray. Bake them for approx 15 to 20 minutes, and then cool them on a rack. Wait for them to cool completely before decorating them.











While you wait you could tidy up and clear a space on your work surface for your decorating. We made up icing sugar with icing sugar power and a sprinkle of water, then coloured it four different colours (yellow, blue, pink and green) and sprinkled on sugar strands and baking pearls.













Cookie flavour variations (Yummy!!!):

  • Add 25g or 1oz of cocoa powder for chocolate angels
  • Or add 50g or 2oz coconut for coconut flavour angel cookies
  • Or add 1 tsp cinnamon for cinnamon flavour
  • Or add a few drops of almond essence and stick an almond or two on your angel when decorating

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