Dearest Diana,

My son, who is 9 years old, has been asking me several times about the birthdays of the Angels, as he would like to celebrate them. We pick a card from your site each day and talk about the angels more or less daily, and of course, thank the Angels in our evening prayers, and we also give blessings to the Angels each night, which also is an idea from my son – as he said it: “Someone should bless the Angels too, not just ask for blessings all the time.”

Now Mikael, my son, came up with the idea that we should ask “the Lady with the Angel cards” about the birthdays, she would be the one to know. So now we are asking.

We send you thoughts of a peaceful Christmas time and rest of the year, with much love and light, grateful for a reply.

Sari and Mikael

Dear Sari,

How wonderful that you are encouraging your son’s interest in the angels. I am sure that they appreciate receiving your blessings and that you both have a very close connection with the angels.

Angels do not have birthdays as we do. Some religions, do celebrate Name Days which include the names of the Archangels. The Feast of the Archangels is celebrated on 29th September so you may like to celebrate all the angels on that day. You could also choose your sons birthday to celebrate as his guardian angel will have been assigned to work with Mikael on that day.

Angelic Blessings

Susan Rudd
Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation