Angels on Holiday

By Aunty Susan

When you go on holidays, did you know the angels are there too? They are.

angels on holz tent

Whether you are going camping, going to stay with Aunty Z, or going on an aeroplane faraway, there are angels with you along your way, and other ones when you get there.

angels on holz beach

You can talk to those angels, even if you don’t speak the language of that place! The angels understand all languages, no matter where they are. You can ask the angels:

  • To help you to feel good
  • To help soothe any sad or worried feelings
  • To help if you or your family have had an argument
  • To help you to sleep
  • To soothe you on your journey, whether by car, bus, plane or boat
  • To help other people
  • To help you to find food you really enjoy
  • To make your day really fun
  • To wrap their wings around you if you were feeling homesick
  • ………………………… Your ideas here

The angels love to help you. They love to know that you have enjoyed their help, remember to say ‘thank you angels!’


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