Angels Unicorns and Elementals


When you want to watch a different programme on TV you change channels. You can choose lots of different ones that are on various wavelengths.

If you want to connect with fairies, angels and unicorns you must tune into their channel or wavelength. More and more children are doing this.

A few people can see and hear them and this is very nice but it is more important to know they are there and sense them. And when you tune into them you can receive messages from them or talk to them.


About Angels

Angels are like huge lights and there are millions of them helping us.

Their wings are the light coming from their hearts.

You have your own guardian angel but there are also lots of angels who come to you if you ask them. Some angels work with nature or the oceans, others with healing or love and there are many others. For example, if you think an animal needs help ask the angel of animals to assist them. If you see people quarrelling ask the angels of peace to soothe them.


Guardian Angels

You have a guardian angel who loves you whatever you do. They look after you all the time and keep you safe whenever possible. They whisper to you what is the best thing to do and you may think this is your own thoughts. Some children and adults ignore their guidance and do silly things or get into trouble. You can always ask your guardian angel to help you and they will do so if it is right for you. They will arrange for you to meet the right people or make friends.

PS Adults see New Light on Angels for more about angels. There is also more information on the adult section of this website.


How to meet your angel

The best way to meet your angel is to think about them and ask them to help you.

Sit quietly and imagine a beautiful gold light all round you.

Then ask your angel to come to you.

You may feel peaceful or warm. You may hear a whisper or sense a little movement. This is your angel with you.

Remember that they are close to you whether you can sense it or not.


Prayer to ask for help

They know what is happening so don’t tell them that. Just tell them what you do want.

Your angel will hear you and if it is right he will help you.



Dear Angel,

Please help my auntie get better.

Love from



Dear Angel,

Please help me make friends with Robbie.

Love from



Dear Angel

Please bring me a bicycle for my birthday.

Love from




Archangels are in charge of the angels. You can talk to them and they will hear you. Like angels they come to you the moment you think about them. Each one has a different colour.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a mighty angel who will protect you and give you courage and strength. He is very tall and carries a huge sword and a shield. If you ask him he will place his blue cloak of protection around you. You can ask him to be your bodyguard and he will stay by your side and keep you safe.
Prayer to invoke Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael I ask you to put your blue cloak of protection on me and look after me today. Amen.


Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. So if you feel ill please ask him to make you feel better. If you know someone who is sick ask him to give them healing. He is a lovely emerald green colour.

He will also look after you on a journey and help you to be happy, healthy and have all that you need.
Prayer to invoke Archangel Raphael for healing

Archangel Raphael please help me (or someone else) get better.


Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is pure white. If you feel confused about something he will assist you to understand it. If you feel bad about something he will touch you so that you feel better and happier. If you want to know what to do next he will lead you in the right direction.
Prayer to invoke Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel please help me understand what is happening and know what to do. And please sing over me to make me happy.


Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is golden and if you ask him to touch you, he will dissolve your fears and enable you to feel confident and good about yourself. He is a very important angel and assists lots of people.
Prayer to invoke Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel please surround me with golden light and make me feel confident and good about myself.


Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel of Love and he radiates a beautiful pink colour. He helps to open your heart if you feel sad or to let go of a bad memory if it makes you unhappy. Sometimes you can feel him touching your heart so that your chest feels all warm.
Prayer to invoke Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel please fill my heart with your soft pink light and help me to feel happy and loving today.



Like the angels the unicorns and Pegasus are usually invisible to us because their frequency is so high.

Unicorns are pure white horses with a light coming from their forehead. They love children and will help you if you ask.


These are pure white horses with wings. They too love children.



These are the nature spirits who help to keep our planet alive and thriving. They are called elementals because they are may belong to the element of fire, air, earth, water or wood. A few have more than one element.



These elementals can be earth, air or fire. Water dragons are often called sea serpents. They are friends and protectors to people and animals.



These are earth elementals who help the trees.



Fairies are nature spirits, about 1ft or 30cms tall, who belong to the element air and look after flowers. They are mischievous, fun loving, pure and innocent. They work with angels and unicorns.



These are elementals of earth, air and water who live in woods and forests and help the trees.



These are very shy and sturdy little earth elementals who work inside the ground with the

soil and rocks.



These are very special earth elementals who have very big open hearts.



These tiny elementals are only 1˝ or 2.5cms tall. They are of the combined elements

earth, air and water. They work with the pixies and help seeds grow.



These beautiful elementals are well known and loved for they work with the plants in the oceans. They have been known to save sailors during storms.



The pixies are earth elementals who look after the soil and also work with the bees to help get flowers pollinated.



These elementals work with fire.



These are very tiny air spirits who work with flowers and plants. They also help birds when they are flying.


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