Hello Diana,

I would like your help with two issues in my life that I am finding very challenging regarding animal welfare and calling Archangel Felyai and his angels .I have asked so often for a positive change yet it seems as if it isn’t working or I’m maybe getting in the way.

The second issue is my ear infections, I have tried everything but to no avail. Can you help?

Many thanks,


Hello Kerry Lee

The most powerful thing to do for animals on this planet is to love, honour and respect EVERY animal you come into contact with and send love and light to those who are suffering. We cannot save every animal unfortunately but just ask Archangel Fhelyai to help with the situation and to over light them whenever we can. There are some positive changes being made regarding animal welfare, it’s just the media prefers to focus on the negative so try to avoid all the horrible stories if you can and look up the positives!

On the totally different topic of your ear infections – problems in this area can be to do with someone not wanting to hear something being said, or liking what is being said. Sometimes, it is about people wanting to shut off from the world for whatever reason. As I type this I am thinking maybe this is related to what is going on around you regarding the treatment of animals? You find it so hard to deal with that you are shutting off? Reflect on this as if you discover the emotional reason behind a physical issue it can clear it. It may be you need to take ear drops if this does not work. Hope they get better soon

Love and Light

Penny Wing
Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation