Archangels and the Chakras

Dear sweet Diana,

Thank you for coming into my life at such a perfect time. I listened to your broadcast on the Hayhouse World Summit and wrote down the meditation to activate them. I walk early every morning, more so when providing a reading, so will do this meditation then, with my eyes open. Will invite my dragon and unicorn, but am unsure how to remember which angel helps with each of the 12 chakras. I have to keep it simple but effective and honorable. Please could you advise me on this? I absolutely loved this meditation, as did my daughter. Thankyou Diana and god bless you and your staff.

Vicki from New South Wales in Australia.

Dear Vicki,

After doing the meditation a few times I am sure that the names of the archangels will be committed to memory. One way of remembering which archangel works with each chakra is to associate the qualities of the chakra and angel.

For Example~ Archangel Michael gives us the courage to speak our truth, be who we are and walk our talk. He is in charge of the Throat Chakra. Archangel Gabriel known as the angel who delivered the message of the birth of Christ, is responsible for the Base/Root, Sacral and Navel Chakras. Archangel Metatron, known as the angel closest to God, works with our Stellar Gateway Chakra , the highest chakra we can develop. And so on.

I hope that this suggestion is useful to you, and that you continue to use the meditation,

Angelic Blessings

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

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