Are you able to point me on the right path?

Hi Diana,

I am messaging you because I have started being able to heal through angels. It seems to have happened out of nowhere. I have also thought that there was more to life than the physical side. I didn’t believe in what the religious side portrayed God to be and back when I was younger, I never knew about spirituality being separate from organized religion. I started looking into information about the astral plane. Every time I went to search for that information, it seemed angel books and all archangel information fell into my lap. I have really connected with the angels and ascended masters.

Within 2 months of starting, I have been able to invoke archangels around myself and others, with them feeling their energies. I have been able to clear chakras and blockages, heal people and pets of issues. I seem to be able to do it with my hands, but most often telepathically. I have no one who can help me with answers or how I should continue or with what path. I have a friend who is clairvoyant. She has told me she is surprised by how fast my gift is advancing. She has told me my guides are ascended masters and I am a lightworker and spiritual healer. I would love any direction or help you could give me. I do also resonate with starseeds. But I don’t have any concrete information about myself or purpose because I am finding it difficult to meditate and hear them. Even though they always seem to be around me and answering my prayers. I am told that I am extremely protected at all times. Do you have any advice or are you able to point me on the right path? I am told my last path life was as a spirit guide and that is why my connection with the angels is so strong.

Love Brandi ♡

Hola Brandi

How wonderful you are connecting with Angels and Ascended Masters! If at the moment you find it hard to sit and meditate, just practice sitting and being quiet and still….there are many different ways to mediate so try to find the perfect way for you. Enjoy this magical connection and see where it leads you. For me, working with Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki helped me to open up and connect more with different energies so maybe explore this option. Walk your OWN path Brandi, is the message that I am getting for you. Enjoy!!


Penny Wing
Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

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