Ascension Ring

Hello Diana and Penny,

A few days ago as I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone, an angel came in, and we felt its presence. My friend said he was pointing at something he wanted me to see. I felt as though something was on my right hand ring finger. My friend said it was a silver looking ring with a white stone in it. I asked the angel thru automatic writing what the ring represented, and what I got is that it is called an ascension ring, and the white stone represented also the white light of God that is around me, and that those on the other side whom are my ancestors can see it. Any Thoughts ?

Thank you,


Hola David

I have not heard of an ascension ring as such but I feel as if your Angels are gently nudging you to the next level so to speak. Many of us are being asked at the moment to raise our frequency to a higher level and this may be the message for you. I suggest you read Diana’s book “A new light on ascension” and “Ascension through Orbs”, it feels as if there may be information in one of those books that they wish you to see. There is guidance in the first book on how to raise your vibration. Good luck!

Penny Wing
Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

Link to book-

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