I am on a spiritual path and have worked very hard the last 5 years clearing and raising my vibration. I have a lot to clear. It feels sometimes like I am getting somewhere, where I don’t know! Every so often I seem to go backwards which frustrates me. I have struggled for years with addiction to painkillers and smoking and I feel like something is trying to hold me back, I don’t know what! I have come a long way spiritually and I will keep on going, it’s just sometimes it’s 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, I came into this life with a lot of challenges and I want so much to shine my light always. I find it very difficult speaking up and standing up for myself although I am getting better at it. Have you any advice?


Dear Margaret,

You are doing a great job. Keep your focus on the positive aspects of what you have done and continue to cleanse. The ascension process is often as you describe as we peel the layers away it can feel like we are going backwards. When you feel that you are going backwards, call on your angels to assist you. The more you purify your life the brighter your light will shine


Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation