Dear Diana & co,

I love the idea that if you ask your guardian angel for something, and it is for your highest good, they will step in and make sure it happens.
I have been trying many of the exercises you recommend over the last few weeks, to help my young child who has lost all confidence lately, especially about attending pre-school which he settled into easily and happily. He has also become shy to the point of rudeness with nearly everyone we meet – both adults and children. I have asked my guardian angel to rid me of any fears relating to all this, I have asked my guardian angel to ask my child’s guardian angel to help him… I have read the decrees and mantras for myself and him, and done various exercises suggested in the section relating to helping children. So far nothing has helped.
I am sure my wish for him to find peace and be at ease in himself and with others has to be for both our highest goods – is there anything else I can do? I would be most grateful for your help.

Dear Friend,

It may be that your son has a soul lesson to learn from this situation. If his soul has entered into a contract to experience this then under the Spiritual Laws, the angels cannot interfere by taking the lesson away. Ask the angels to make the lesson as easy and painless as possible for your son. Know that you have done what you can, be patient, and as soon as it is possible the angels will act on your requests.

Angelic Blessings