Birthday Boy by Angela Arkle

Written and illustrated by Angela Arkle.

“Happy Birthday to you  Happy Birthday to you “  Kenneth  kept hearing the  song over and over again. Today was such a big  day for him; he was turning 9 years old.  At school all his friends  and his teacher had sang it to him. He felt so proud,  standing at the front of the class. They all cheered  “Hip hip hooray!”

mgraphicsco-sf-10552Now here he was walking along the dusty road on his way home he sighed again. If only he could have a cake with 9 candles on it, it would have been so special to have shared it with his mother, younger  brother and sister. But he knew there  was no money for  a Birthday cake . His father had gone far away to a town to  try and find work   he had said to Kenneth “You soon will be 9 years old; don’t forget  to look after your mother , brother and sister while l am away. l will be home for Christmas.“

As Kenneth turned the corner he saw ahead of him an old lady , she  was walking slowly and carrying a  box and two bags, it was a hot sunny day and he could see she was very tired . Forgetting his troubles he ran up to her and said Gogga  (Granny)  please let me help you carry  one of your bags . The old lady  turned around and smiled, she had a happy smiling face and eyes that  twinkled “Oh  that would be very nice “ she said. “Will you take the box and be careful not to drop it.”

mgraphicsco-sf-1056Kenneth walked slowly with the old lady he told her it was his Birthday and that today he was 9 , she laughed and said  “Oh when l passed the school l heard the children singing  so that must have been for you.”  , he grinned and said “yes it was”. They were by  Kenneth’s  house and he said “ Gogga this is my house  would you like me to carry your  box further “?

“ No  Kenneth “  she said “ I do not have much further to go.”

“It is very hot  would you like a drink of water?” asked Kenneth

“Oh that would be lovely l will just  sit and rest awhile on this rock.”

mgraphicsco-sf-1057Kenneth ran inside , his mother was waiting for him with a large glass of water, he took it from her and yelled he would be back in a minute;  he just wanted to give a old lady  outside a drink.

Kenneth walked quickly  along  the path to the rock and stopped and looked for the old lady  there was no sign of her.”Gogga  Gogga”  he cried” l have your water “ ,  no reply.  He ran along the path but there was still  no sign of her.

mgraphicsco-sf-1058That  is very strange, he thought, walking back. Just then by the rock he saw the box. She had written  ‘Kenneth’ on it. Slowly he picked it up and carried it inside. His mother asked him what was wrong he told her about meeting the old lady and helping her carry her parcels,  stopping by the rock and fetching her  a glass of water.

“But now she has gone  and she left the box with my name on it.”

“Well,“ said his mother “you had better see what is inside.”

Slowly he opened the lid his eyes grew wide in  amazement  “ I don’t believe it”  he cried . There  in the box  was a birthday  cake with blue icing  and  9 candles on top was  written ‘Happy Birthday Kenneth.’

mgraphicsco-sf-1059Later as he helped his mother wash the dishes   after they had had tea, and sung to Kenneth once again  his mother said  “Kenneth l don’t think you will ever forget today  because today you met your guardian angel.”

Kenneth smiled  “ Mom you are right that Gogga was my  guardian angel and l shall never forget her.”

The End

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