Hello Diana,

I listened to your course on Angels and Animals and I really learned a lot from you. Thank you for teaching us all so many things that we can do to help the animals and the planet.

My question is about the bugs. Who is their Angel and what are they here to teach us? Do they have guardian angels? I always try and help the animals, flowers,trees, and bugs as much as I can. I have a deep caring for all living things but no one seems to address the bugs? They are apart of God’s family too. I would like your thoughts on the bugs if you don’t mind. I think humans need to hear that bugs have come here to for a reason. Most people don’t care about killing a spider or a fly. I feel they are here for something.

Thank you Diana for taking time to read this.

Kindly, Gloria

Hola Gloria,

Every living thing has a guardian angel no matter how small. It is wonderful that you help all animals including insects and all aspects of nature – well done! Insects are part of the whole creation and play their part so it is important that they are treated with love, honour and respect.


Penny Wing
Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation