I am dating a man who have three Chihuahuas and we just got a rat terrier. I do not live with this man right now. I have a beautiful Siamese cat that chose me over 6 years ago.

She has an absolutely powerful aura about her and I love her so much. This man’s Chihuahuas have been trained to bark at and corner cats. I have told him I need him to change this behaviour and am not sure if this is possible since he lost 3 cats in one year after getting the dogs. He does not like cats very much but he does like my Scooter. She is such a beautiful animal.

Is there a possibility before we commit to our relationship in the next year or so, that we can change his dog’s behaviours into accepting my wonderful cat? The rat terrier is the only one that respects my cat and does not bark unless with the group at her.

I will be heartbroken if I have to give her up because of his animals as I have never had to do this before. Please help me understand?

Thank you!


Hola Linda

If your male friend has taught his dogs to bark at and corner cats and he has lost 3 cats in one year after getting the dogs you need to think VERY carefully about bringing your cat into this situation! I would suggest you contact a dog trainer or animal behaviourist and get their opinions. You don’t have to rush into any decisions yet as you say you are not yet committed yet to living together but I have to be honest here and ask the question “why would someone train their dogs to bark at and corner cats?” What you also need to bear in mind that dogs together are a PACK and as you have noticed already your terrier is copying the behaviour of the other dogs so this is not looking good for your cat! It may be that you have to re-home her upsetting as that is but we all have to do what is right for our PETS not always us. I am sure you understand this. Cats tend to find us so maybe it is time for her to help someone else? I know you will make the right decision. Good luck! 


Penny Wing
Master Teacher 
Diana Cooper Foundation