Hi Diana,

I feel very sad. My cat died yesterday and I miss her so very much. About 4years ago we moved to a new house and I asked angels to send us a pet as we really missed having one around. I expected a dog actually but instead they sent me a cat! A beautiful grey and white cat. She came out of nowhere and never left us from that day. Yesterday she died and left me feeling very sad. It’s so quiet without her. She used ‘meow’ alot. Always ‘talking’ to us. 🙂

I just want to know if she is ok. Where do cats go when they die? Is she with me in spirit?

Thank you


Dear Candice,

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Please do not be sad or worry about your cat. All souls, including cats, pass over the rainbow bridge to heaven and are met by loved ones in spirit. They receive healing from the angels. Then they watch those that have been left behind on earth from above. Yes your cat will be with you in spirit, at times you may even be aware of the presence of your cat.