This special discounted bundle of Workshop Recordings includes three special videos to connect & attune.

The usual price for these workshops would be £11 but they are available in this bundle at a special price of £20 for all three.

This bundle includes:

1. Make a deep connection with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, who is the Warrior Archangel and the best known of all the angels.  He is in charge of your throat chakra, which has 22 chambers and he has shown me a way of passing his strength, courage, leadership qualities and power of integrity into your energy fields through your throat chakra!!! This is incredible and powerful. We will do special exercises in the five innermost chambers so that his light will spread out and heal the outer ones, allowing him to anchor his wonderful qualities in you.

2. Receive an Archangel Chamuel Attunement to fully open your Heart and Receive Codes of Love from The Cosmic Heart

We have reached the end of the old era and are about to embark on a new one. Because of this we are being offered a unique opportunity right now to let go and forgive everything in order to experience true love and Oneness. Many great and illumined beings have interceded on our behalf so that NOW Archangel Chamuel can intensify love energy directly into your heart chakra. It is time to listen to the wisdom of your heart. Together we will work with the mighty Chamuel to expedite  the clearance of the personal and collective heart chakras of humanity to raise the love frequency on the planet.

3. Receive an Archangel Metatron I AM Attunement and receive his Royal Metatron Cloak

Archangel Metatron, the vast golden orange universal angel, in charge of our ascension process, comes from Helios, the Sun beyond our Sun, the light source of our universe. Right now he is beaming light to us to illuminate and accelerate our journey. During this challenging time on Earth he is offering an opportunity to attune ourselves clearly to his higher light. You may already wear his golden orange Metatron Cloak which confers certain blessings. Now he invites you to receive his Royal Metatron Cloak, that moves you into a higher illumined frequency and brings certain gifts and powers that will help you and the planet.

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