Contacting Angels

Hello Diana,

I’ve being speaking to angels for 16 years or so. I have never mastered the ability to connect with them. I completely believe they are around us and never leave our side .I talk to our lady as she means the world to me. All I ever do is read or request a card reading so I can talk to them.
Can you by any chance have a message from my guardian angel or archangels?
It would mean a lot if you have the time please and thank you.



Dear Deirdre,

Many people have a fixed idea of what they expect to happen when they connect with the angels. It’s great that you are talking to your angels, what you need to do now is to listen with all your senses and you will start to pick up their replies. How many times to you notice the synchronicities in your life? They are created by your angels in response to your requests. The angels do not always talk directly to us, but they will arrange for us to get the message in some way. Continue to talk to your angels, knowing that they will respond, whether in word or deed.

Angelic Blessings

Master Teacher 
Diana Cooper Foundation 

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