Decorate a Stone and give it to the Fairies

Decorate a Stone and give it to the Fairies

By Aunty Susan


Find a nice stone and decorate it with whatever you think the fairies would like. Put it somewhere you think the fairies might come to see it.


Description: DSC04570         















What we used:

  • A smooth oval shaped stone
  • four shells
  • craft glue
  • glitter assorted colours
  • pine needles
  • pine cone
  • assorted decorative sequin gems
  • tiny pieces of newspaper rolled up into a ball

Description: DSC04555

















Description: DSC04557



What we did:

We rolled up the tiny pieces of newspaper (four of them) and glued them to the stone; three on top and one on the front. Then we glued the shells on top of the newspaper bits; the ones on the top would be like three seats. Then we glued sequin gems all around the side in a complete ring with the fourth shell in the front. After this we glued on the pine needles and sprinkled on some glitter. Then we put it in the garden under some trees for the fairies to find and play on.







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