Diana Cooper’s August 2014 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

I do hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter, hopefully relaxing in lovely sunny weather.  As usual Venus is sharing her daily life with us. How she makes me laugh, that dog!

Tim has done one of his wonderful activations again, there is a glorious Orb of the month and I explain how you can use the Orb cards. Have fun!

With lots of angel love

Diana x

To my horror I raced out of the woods to find Mum stroking that black Chinese crested wu wu dog who called me a half breed, a mongrel.  Grr!!Mum was chatting to its owners and asking where their other dog was.They said it had died and they missed it so much.  It’s a strange thing but that little black dog seemed different.  He even said sorry that he had been rude to me and I thought that was very big of him.  I put my bottom in the air with my tail wagging in an invitation to play but he wasn’t going that far.  Still a bit stuck up I supposed.  I thought he was going to say thoroughbreds don’t play but he just looked sad, so I asked what was the matter?  He said he missed his brother.

I felt very sorry for him so I was really extra friendly.

A week later I met my new friend called Arnie, a tiny ten month old Yorkie.  His mistress has just moved here and shecycles to the forest with him in a basket, then lets him out to run.  We took to each other immediately and race everywhere together, though he is smaller than I am.  He bounces up and down he’s so enthusiastic about life.  On Saturday it was the hottest day of the year but we didn’t know that when we set off for our walk.  When we bumped into them we decide to head for the river and that little dog and I must have run a hundred miles by the time we got there.  Mum and Arnie’s Mum looked at the river for a moment and when they turned round he had vanished.  They rushed everywhere looking for him.  A couple said they had seen him running back the way we had come.  Arnie’s Mum cycled frantically in that direction but returned white faced to say she couldn’t see him.  How could he disappear in such a short time?  Not even I who know everything knew where he was.  Luckily his Mum’s phone rang and a woman said she had found him a long way away.  She put him on her dog’s lead and led him back to where we were!  He didn’t seem bothered but we were very glad to see him.  I had run such a long way looking for him that I was boiling hot.Arnie’s Mum suggested I have a ride in the bicycle basket and Mum laughed and said, ‘Just try getting her in there!’  Huh!  She still thinks I am a puppy.  Actually I’m a Queen dog!  So I didn’t object!  In fact I enjoyed sitting up there with the wind in my face.  It reminded me of being carried on a litter in my Egyptian life.  Mum couldn’t believe it but then she doesn’t know everything! I told them when I wanted to get down.  Then after Arnie and I had been rabbiting again I had another ride.  When we parted company the sun was up high and it was baking hot.

After all that running I was so hot I lay in the long grass and panted while Mum gave me water from her hands.  I drank the whole bottle and still I panted.  She insisted on carrying me for a while and I felt such a ninny!  So when she put me down again I raced after a squirrel.  At last we reached the entrance to the forest and who should be there but the little black crested Pekingese.  His owners were very kind and fetched me a whole bowl of cool water from their car.  Mum said I probably wouldn’t drink any more but I drank the whole lot.  I’m so glad I was nice to him.

I was rolling in the garden and Mum shouted to me to stop but this is doggy paradise.  When I eventually went in, instead of smelling of fox, I am covered in blue and purple paint of some sort. She can’t see anything on the lawn so has no idea what it is.It doesn’t come off in her fingers so, as it is late, she leaves me looking like some alien dog overnight.  In the morning she says, ‘I can’t take you for a walk looking like that.  Let’s hope it washes off.’ To her relief and secretly to mine it shampoos off and I am a smart white handsome dog again.

We go to the forest and Ben, the huge black labradoodle who always rushes up to everyone and noses in their pockets is the laugh of the woods.  There was a charity dog tea party which we missed unfortunately but I am delighted to say he was very badly behaved.  He snaffled cakes from people’s hands and hoovered the cakes off the table.  When I heard everyone talking about it, I said, ‘If I’d been there I’d have done that.’  Until Mum let me down by reminding me that I had never touched cake and on the one occasion some was dropped on the floor I refused to eat it.  You can’t take some mothers anywhere.

Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is  available to order HERE.

Click here for the exclusive first look at Venus.

Connect with Angels to help the Animals
Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson have recorded the most fabulous two hour download, ‘Connect with Angels to help the Animals.’   At the beginning Rosemary sings in the archangels we are working with and people can feel their awesome energy as they come in.  Archangel Metatron told Diana just before the recording that he would be overlighting the event and we could feel his powerful presence throughout.

If you are interested in animals you will love the section where Diana explains the divine missions of different species and where they come from.  Throughout the seminar we do exercises.

For example we connect with lovable, gentle pandas who originate from the Pleiades.  Mother Mary links people to the cosmic heart through the pandas and Rosemary sings in the harmony that enables Mother Mary to make this link for everyone at the seminar.

We also do some work to help the rabbits from Orion, who work with Archangel Gabriel, to heal the song of the Earth.  By the time we have completed this all participants knows they have done something to make a difference.

Guinea pigs may be tiny little nervous animals but they have a mighty mission.  Originating from Venus, planet of love, they carry love in their hearts and heal people’s hearts.  Through them we link our heart chakras into Venus and then to all the stars, planets and galaxies in this universe to help bring the entire universe together with love.  Diana leads us through the visualisation and Rosemary sings the notes of the stars and plays on her magical crystal harp until everyone feels they are one with the canopy of the heavens.

We offer a powerful technique to send healing to animals, a prayer of protection and a visualisation to connect with the Angel of Animals and help the creatures of the world.  During the phone in at the end someone says their dog has just died.  Venus instantly jumps up as the spirit of the dog comes to us and says it is happy!  It is lovely to be able to share some of Venus’s wisdom and light from Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel.

If you want to be closer to the angels and help and communicate with the animals of the world you will love this Hay House download HERE.

Crop circles
I love crop circles and find them awesome and magical.  So when a friend popped round and mentioned there was a crop circle at Ackling Dyke, near Sixpenny Handley, quite near where I live I was keen to visit it.  So we jumped into the car straight away.  The man from the Crop Circle Society who was collecting the money said how lovely it was to have a farmer that was happy for people to go into his fields to experience the crop circle, so we had a warm feeling before we went in.  Venus loved it.  Her tail wagging like a windmill, she ran round the outside of all the circles, then went to sit in the very centre.  She is very sensitive to energy and was clearly very happy to be in this one.

It was energetically linked to the crop circle at Bradbury Rings.

I thought at first that the formation was about the divine feminine but my information as we walked round was that the symbol was bringing in the balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Years ago my guide Kumeka told me that crop circles are created by Angels of Communication who come through the portal of Machu Picchu for this purpose.  The symbols are waking up those who visit them or see photographs of them.  They are also imprinted into the Earth and continue to radiate that particular information.

I remember driving past Stonehenge about 20 years ago with my daughter.  We screeched to a halt as we saw that a huge crop circle had just formed on the other side of the road from Stonehenge.  That one was truly amazing with an incredible energy.Kumeka said the message was quite specific.  It offered an invitation to visit Stonehenge during sleep to go through the portal into other dimensions.  Photographs of it were shown in many newspapers and millions of people received the invitation. We live in an amazing universe. www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/sixpenny/sixpenny

Inspirational Story
My friend talked about our crop circle visit to a friend of hers who had a heart problem.  This lady has difficulty walking but she did want to visit the crop circle.  She was warned that it was quite a long rough and steep walk but was determined.  She is also extremely allergic to wheat pollen.

However, she insisted.  Apparently she marched up the hill at twice her normal speed and walked happily round the crop circle.  She also had no allergy problems.  She said that only a miracle could have enabled that experience.

New Secret Alchemy Spray: Yeshua – The Christ (Characteristics)
I was recently sent by Paschalis and Frixos of Greece a new spray in their series.  It is The Christ and it is absolutely gorgeous.  When you wear it, it helps you find the Christ consciousness within.  It brings love, unity, acceptance and forgiveness. It is also very protective.  If you want to connect more to the Christ light do try this.

Contact: [email protected]

Book of the Month
The Orb Cards
This month I am recommending cards rather than a book.  I love the Orb cards.  The light they download are quite wonderful and I know I get the perfect one each time to expand my spiritual growth.

Each Orb card contains the energy of the angel or elemental printed on it.  Using these cards is a wonderful and effective way to attune to the different beings of the angelic realms.  Here are some ways to use them.

  1. Choose a card at random each day.  Read the information in the booklet and then attune to the Orb by holding it against your heart and then your third eye.  You may be able to feel the energy from it.  Then sit quietly and ask the being to touch you.  You may receive a message or sense yourself being enfolded in the quality of the angel or elemental.
  2. To use the Orb cards with someone else or with a group.  One of you chooses a card and reads aloud the information in the booklet.  You take it in turns to hold the card and sense the energy.  Then invoke the being of the Orb and sit quietly while it touches you.  One or all of you may receive a message or sense yourself being enfolded in the quality of the angel or elemental.  Take it in turns to share what you experienced.
  3. When you place a name or photograph of a person, place or situation onto the card they will receive the light and attention of that angel.  This is a very powerful way to use the cards.  Here are some energies you can call forward by using the Orb cards in this way.

If you know someone who needs protection place their photograph or name onto the card of Archangel Michael’s deep blue Orb.  Archangel Michael will also bring strength and courage to the individual.
If you want to protect your home place a photo or address onto Archangel Michael’s Orb card.
You can use the Archangel Michael Orb card for other purposes too.
If you wish to cut the cords between yourself and someone else or a situation, before you do the visualisation place the names of the two of you or details of the situation onto this card.

To help animals
If you know of an animal that needs help, place its name, description or photo onto an Orb card of Archangel Fhelyai, angel of animals.

Archangel Fhelyai can send his angels to help animals pass over peacefully, to help owners or farmers to be kinder to their animals, to ease the heart of an animal who is grieving.

If you place a species of animals that are under threat onto his card, for example Tigers or cows, more of Archangel Fhelyai’s angels will go to help them.

To help children who are Indigo or Crystal, very sensitive and high frequency or autistic
Some of these children are ungrounded and some find it difficult to bring their souls fully into incarnation.  Because of this their crown chakras are often slightly out of alignment.  To help them, place their photograph or name on the Orbs of Archangel Sandalphon (to ground) and Archangel Jophiel (to align their crowns).  I have had a lot of great feedback that this has really made a difference to the children.

To help all children
Unicorns have a special affinity with children and can help and support them in many ways.

Unicorns work with those who have difficulty in keeping their spirits in their bodies and particularly autistic children.  They help to relax the child so that they can bring more of their soul energy into incarnation and ground it.  Place the name or photograph on a Unicorn card.

To accelerate your ascension, that of others or the entire planet, place the name or a photograph or picture onto the Orb of Archangel Metatron.

For enlightenment place your name or photograph of yourself onto the Unicorn Orb.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing.  Place the name or photograph of someone to whom you are sending healing onto his Orb and this will enable more of his energy to go to them.

Confidence and peace
If you or someone else needs more confidence, self worth, empowerment or to dissolve fear and bring forward wisdom place the name or photograph onto the Orb of Archangel Uriel.

You can also place a part of the world or a situation onto this Orb to send angels of peace there.

If you need clarity about a situation or your next step, write down your dilemma and place it onto the Orb of Archangel Gabriel with a humble request for answers.

To lighten up and have fun

Place your request on the Orb of elementals.

To open your heart to more love

It is very easy to close your heart, especially if you have been hurt.  Archangel Chamuel and his angels of love will help you to open it.  So, if you wish to receive more love and to send it to others and the world, place your name or photograph onto an Orb of Archangel Chamuel.  You can also place someone else on this Orb if you sense they need more love.

For more abundance in your life place your name or photograph on the Orb of Archangel Raphael, who is the Angel of Abundance.  Open yourself up to receive more of whatever you need.  You can also do this for someone else.

To manifest
If you wish to manifest something or an outcome for your highest good or the highest good of the world, choose the Seraphim Orb Card.  Write or think of what you wish to manifest, always bearing in mind that it must be for the benefit of all.  Look at the Orb and chant Ohm for at least ten minutes while envisioning the outcome.To purchase these wonderful cards, please click HERE

Orb of the month
This is Archangel Michael (blue), the Angel of Protection, and Archangel Chamuel (pink), the angel of Love. Archangel Chamuel is transmitting love and compassion into your heart chakra helping you to open it more fully and Archangel Michael is transmitting you the courage and power to do so.

If you have any Orb Pictures please email them to [email protected] – due to the large number of pictures we receive please send only your three best Orb pictures.  A selection will be posted on the site with Diana’s personal insight on them.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Cloak of Voosloo and Serapis Bey from Tim Wilde
Atlantis, our ancient continent, existed for millenia. Much has  been brought forth about the rise and fall, and we are raising our frequency on Earth once again to the fifth dimensional heights that were achieved in those days.

During these times, the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis were known as the Alta.

Serving alongside them were a group of dedicated Alchemists called the Alta-Magi.

These beings were initiated and trained by Serapis Bey and Voosloo, and had access to incredible powers that could literally manipulate reality.

The Alta-Magi were at the forefront of any work that was being done, to raise the frequency of places and situations, particularly when creating the fifth dimensional reality that was held for 1500 years.

Serapis Bey and Voosloo have both stepped forth with a gift to Humanity,to assist with the raising of the vibration here on Earth.

This is the Cloak of the Alta-Magi, and will be given to the lightworkers who are using their intention and focus to create love, peace and unity on Earth now.

Once given, it will enhance an individuals natural ability to co-create with the Divine.

It is a powerful gift, and a true blessing.

Here is a visualisation to connect with these illuminated beings, and receive this cloak.

Prepare for meditation during the day. Eat lightly and ensure that your physical body is cleansed and relaxed.

Call forth to the Dragons of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to purify your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Feel and see these powerful elementals lighting up every cell of your being, with crystal-Violet fire.

When you are sparkling and clear, ask Voosloo and Serapis Bey to come to you.

You are joined by two powerful Masters. Serapis Bey is dressed in pure white, and Voosloo wears bright orange robes, glowing like the Sun.

They are leading you down beautiful, candle-lit steps into a circular room. This room is adorned with golden symbols on the walls, and goblets of golden fire that blaze with a pure etheric light.

You are invited to sit in an ornate seat in the centre of this room, and close your eyes. As you do so, you are illuminated by pure golden fire, igniting every cell of your body at a fifth dimensional frequency.

You are aware of your twelve chakras lighting up in harmony with this light.

Master Voosloo, and Serapis Bey are standing in front of you, and you become aware that you are also surrounded by a circle of gentle, powerful, high frequency beings.

These are the Priests and Priestesses of Golden Atlantis.

Voosloo places his hand upon your crown chakra, and as he does so, you feel golden energy pulsing through your aura and fields.

Your attention is brought particularly to your third eye, that is glowing emerald green, mixed with the pure gold of your crown.

Energy is spreading down through your body, forming a beautiful golden-green cloak around your body, your aura and your fields.

Relax, and breath deeply as this energy integrates with you.

When this is done, Serapis Bey dressed in pure white, places a handful of his white ascension flame into each of your chakras.

Feel it light up your stellar gateway, soul star, causal, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, naval, sacral, base and your earth star.

As this is completed Serapis Bey speaks to you.

He tells you that you have been gifted and graced with an amazing responsibility for your awakening planet.

As you now focus and create your new reality, your abilities will be enhanced, and you will be able to manifest love and beauty around you with the speed of an ascended master.

Use this gift to co-create pure love in all areas of your life, and in your planet around you.

Take a moment to visualise this golden-green cloak around you, and see it flowing from your third eye centre to everything that you focus upon.

You stand, and thank Serapis Bey, Voosloo, and the myriad of beings that have joined you for this ceremony.

When you are ready, leave the beautiful room.

Breath deeply, open your eyes, and be ready to co-create with the Divine power of the Alta-Magi

Tim Whild

Children’s Section 

We’d love for you to send us in your true stories and pictures. Tell us about your little ones spiritual experiences, seeing fairies or talking with their imaginary friends for example. Your story will be posted in Diana’s children’s corner section. See link below. Word count up to 200 words and attach a photo if possible  Please submit to [email protected]. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/DianaCooper

Children’s Corner

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