Diana Cooper’s August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Every time I turn the news on there seems to be some horror story playing out. We were warned by spirit that as the high frequency energies started to pour in, people who were unbalanced would go over the edge. Only someone who is mentally and emotionally split could do some of the things currently being perpetrated. I can only look at what has been taking place from a spiritual perspective. Firstly at a soul level we write our lives and deaths, so all those who were killed or injured have agreed at a soul level to this. (I repeat at a soul level deliberately). The only consolation for their loved ones is that if it is someone’s time to die or be injured, it would have happened anyway but in different circumstances. And the lesson is unconditional love and forgiveness, however impossible this seems.
We really do have to look at the source of these problems. We are given arms for hugging and embracing. When people open their hearts they do not want to carry guns. When people feel respected, heard and loved they want to live at peace with everyone. Every single one of us can make a difference by opening our own hearts, respecting, hearing and loving ourselves and everyone we meet or think about. Only judgement creates walls between people. Masters create masters by opening their hearts and spreading pure love.
If atrocities were never reported but a huge amount of newspaper and internet space was given to kind acts, good deeds, inspirational words and all the beauty and wonder of the world, people would soon feel safer. We would feel we lived in a wonderful world and would be inspired to welcome everyone and treat them trustingly as friends. How quickly the world would transform.

Inspirational story
My friend Rosemary Stephenson moved house recently, a couple of miles from where she had been living. At the end of her new garden a beautiful tree stood in a farmer’s field. She longed to sit under it and said to the angels, ‘Please help me to meet the owner and for them to give me permission to sit under their tree.’
On the day of the move she was ferrying boxes to and fro in her car. Suddenly she came across a young horse loose in the lane. She jumped out of the car and tried to head it into a nearby field but it dashed past her and trotted down the lane towards the main road. There was a house nearby so Rosemary drove as fast as she could, swerving into the drive, and called out to a lady who was in the garden that there was a horse in the lane heading for the main road. Without a word the lady ran down the drive past her. Moments later she dashed back panting, ‘Can you help me. It’s on the road!’ She jumped into Rosemary’s car and they headed for the road which Rosemary blocked to stop the traffic until the horse was caught.
You’ve guessed it. The lady owned the horse and the field behind Rosemary’s new house and was happy for her to sit under the tree.
The universe works in mysterious ways. Rosemary asked the angels for help but if she had not responded as she did to the crisis, she may never have met her new neighbour.

Last weekend I joined a local butterfly walk led by an expert and had a fascinating time. We even saw a rare Purple Emperor and a White Admiral though they were at rather a distance!
Butterflies are fifth dimensional insects from Orion, the planet of wisdom. They are messengers for the angels and one of the messages they bring you is that it is totally possible to transform, to emerge from your current life and fly with joy and happiness.
Here are some of the messages some of the butterflies may be bringing to you.
Brown ones. These suggest you attend to your home life.
Yellow ones. Think clearly about what you really want.
Blue ones. These are distributed worldwide and ask you to communicate your truth.
Orange ones. Take down your boundaries and welcome everyone.
White ones. Keep a pure heart. (this can be challenging when they are munching your cabbages!)
Red Admiral and Purple Emperor. Demonstrate your divine magnificence.

Healing the Mentally unbalanced in Atlantis
In the Golden Era of Atlantis there were no prisons.
Here is a quote from Discover Atlantis, ‘If the imbalance was mental and the person’s behaviour became antisocial, he was taken to a healing temple. Because everyone was vibrating at a fifth-dimensional frequency and was aware of spiritual law, the individual always wanted to realign to his true soul energy. First, he received counselling from the priests, who looked for the source of the problem. The offender then freely gave permission to allow himself to be hypnotised by magnetism, which forced his spirit out of his body. At this point, a Mage examined him and marked his body to indicate where the physical manifestation of disorder was located. Healers beamed energy into these specific points, to atrophy the blood vessels serving relevant organs or to flood the cells with blood as necessary.
While this was taking place, a trained priest communicated telepathically with the person’s spirit, raising his consciousness to align with his true soul vibration. The modern equivalent is hypnotherapy, in which a patient’s emotional, mental and spiritual problems can be addressed and reprogrammed, while he or she is in trance. Even though our understanding is not nearly as advanced as it was in Atlantis, applied by a skilled practitioner, this form of therapy can be extremely helpful and effective.
At this time of Atlantis there was no need for prisons and when treated at the healing temples, no one ever reoffended.’

Wow it has been hot. Mum says I am mad lying out in the hot sun. Then I stagger in panting and collapse in a corner. I absolutely refused to go out in the car with her. It is like getting into an oven and luckily she doesn’t press me.
But one good thing we are out really early in the morning having a long walk in the cool when no one else is about… but rabbits are!
You’ll never believe what happened the other day. I am walking along this path when a baby sparrow lands just feet away from me. I am somewhat startled but, acting with great dignity I look at Mum and she shakes her head. It flies off. And then another one lands right by me. I am horrified. I roll my eyes at Mum and she says ‘No!’ And unbelievably as soon as this one flew away a third took its place. Well enough is enough, I say. I ran after it but it just got away. I am a Jack Russell disguised as a Papillion not a saint dog.
And my new e book Venus on Holiday is available now.

Forthcoming events
Apart from my son’s wedding on 3rd August!!!!

Saturday 17th September, Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham
Ascend with Archangels 10 – 5
It is time for you to experience joy and bliss. Diana will transport you to the dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for enlightenment and transformation. This will enable you to release the old and attract love, respect, good fortune and happiness.
• The Archangels will bathe you in their special shimmering rays.
• You will also receive some of the new 9th dimensional energies of the universe:-
• A Metatron bath to accelerate your ascension
• The White Ascension Flame from Atlantis to purify your soul
• Pure Source love through the Pleiadean Rose to open your heart with divine love
• The Christ Light so that cosmic love flows through every cell of your body
• Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel’s Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to expand your diamond light
• Angel Mary’s aquamarine divine feminine love and healing
The Angel Mary and her unicorns will take the wishes of your heart and the desires of your soul to Source for a blessing.
You will emerge from this seminar transformed and ready to fly
Do you have contact details


Saturday, October 1st Belfast

Enlightenment and Mastery with dragons, Archangels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters
Based on Diana Cooper’s latest book, The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery, you will connect with the wisdom of the dragons and illumination of the pure white unicorns, then enter their kingdoms for expanded enlightenment.
Lord Kuthumi is now the World Teacher and he will take you to his amazing 12 Halls of Learning to undergo the steps to Mastery. You will connect with many of the great Ascended Masters and Archangels who will light up the keys and codes of your divine potential in your aura and bring in awesome, life changing 9th dimensional energies.
Clayton Hotel, 22, Ormeau Ave, Belfast BT2 8HS – 02890 328511 (FACING BBC)
Contact Caroline Teague ‘[email protected]’ www.claytonhotelbelfast.com
October 14 – 17Crete
At the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort 5* Hotel in Crete
Crete is the etheric retreat of Lord Hilarion, who is a member of the Intergalactic Council and is overseeing the return of the crystal technology of Atlantis. We will use this opportunity to connect with his essence both to accelerate our ascension and to serve the planet. He was the sacred sound master of Atlantis and Rosemary can remember working with him then.
Why not join us for a relaxing holiday retreat in the glorious sunny Aegean? Meet like- minded people, accelerate your ascension and enjoy yourself. You may even want to extend your holiday.
We have arranged exciting excursions to KNOSSOS PALACE, HILARION’S ETHERIC RETREAT and SANTORINI. We will do activations, attunements, healing and meditations during the excursions and back at the hotel. Please bring some crystals!
During the retreat you will
* Enter the amazing dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for higher enlightenment.
*Through the archangels explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available now.
*Connect with the ninth dimensional unicorns.
*Meet the elemental dragons, the golden and the violet dragons and many more.
*Connect with Lord Voosloo, the highest frequency High Priest of Atlantis ever to incarnate and he will enable you to bring in awesome, life changing 9D energies.
You will also receive
An incredible attunement to Lord Hilarion’s powerful healing energy through sound and the future technology that he is bringing forward.
The Instant Sun, a ninth dimensional ascension tool from Archangel Metatron.
Secrets of the Great White Brotherhood and the White Ascension Flame, which will be offered to you by Serapis Bey and is the light of pure ascension.
Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose,
The cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel
Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light.
The Christed Mahatma energy for the 12 chakras, still the most powerful ascension light.
Connect with Archangel Metatron to prepare your light for 2032 and receive his light bath.
Be prepared to activate your fifth dimensional merkabah and dramatically expand your light.
Help to build the 9D grid round Earth.
Friday 14th October
Welcome workshop to prepare you for connections with the Archangels and Illumined Masters, especially Lord Hilarion, Master of the fifth ray.
5pm – 7pm followed by delicious dinner

Saturday 15th October
9.30 – 16.30. Fascinating excursion to Knossos Palace where the Minotaur was held in a labyrinth.
5.30pm – 7.00 approx. Back at the hotel there will be a workshop followed by delicious dinner.

Sunday 16th October
9.30 – 16.30 Magical excursion to Hilarion’s Etheric Retreat for a special attunement.
Plato and Pythagoras and the Seer Epimenides were initiated here as this was a sacred cave wherein initiations and purifications took place. According to legend the God Zeus was said to have been born here. Zeus was a High Priest in Golden Atlantis and he later took his tribe to Tibet, where he developed the Tibetan culture bringing qualities of stillness, peace and harmlessness to all creatures. This became the Buddhist religion.

17.30 to 19.00 hours approx.. Back at the hotel there will be an evening workshop followed by a delicious dinner

Monday 17th October
Super special 1 day cruise to Santorini. This was a part of Atlantis and was almost destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption. Today it is a beautiful island set in aquamarine ocean with art deco galleries, gold shops, crafts, a port, cafes, taverns and gorgeous little houses. A wonderful place to relax and tune into the spiritual realms.
We visit the volcano and other sites by private bus with our spiritual guide. Cruise back to hotel. End of workshop/retreat.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE BELOW…. EACH PERSON.. for 2 persons sharing garden view deluxe room (singles occupancy extra)
Contact: ‘Rosemary Stephenson’ <[email protected]>

Crystals in Golden Atlantis by Susan Rudd

If you love to wear crystals or if you work with crystals it is almost certain that your soul has had an incarnation in the Golden Age of Atlantis.
The Atlanteans of the Golden Age maintained a pure high frequency energy and a connection with Source/Creator. Their reward for this was amazing spiritual and psyhic gifts beyond our imagination.

I have a strong connection to Atlantis and crystals. This was very clearly demonstrated to me during a very special Atlantis retreat run by Diana a few years ago. Naturally there were lots of crystals for us to work with during the sessions throughout the days, Amethysts, Citrines, Moonstones to name a few. Then there were the crystals for activating the transpersonal chakras, Haematite, Kyanite, Selenite, and Calcite. Some of the participants had also brought along their own crystals.

Their was one particular crystal that many of us were attracted to, a Lemurian seed quartz. The owner was very generous and allowed people to take time with the crystal outside of the sessions.
One evening my room mate had this crystal with her. We were in our room at the end of the day. She was meditating with the crystal, gazing at it and I was writing up my journal. As I was writing, she suddenly said, “Oh! I can see a figure dancing in the crystal”
Without hesitation or thought, I responded,”That will be the deva of the crystal. If you ask it will light the crystal for you”
I will never forget what happened next.
A few moments later, my friend exclaimed, “Did you see that? The crystal just sparked”
I have to admit that I did not see that first spark as I had been finishing my journal.
But I certainly gave my full attention to the crystal after that moment! We both started to send the crystal deva love and gratitude from our hearts. The crystal started to glow. We were watching the crystal and looking at each other, saying “can you see what I can see?”
I then ran round the room, turning off all the lights, and blocking out any little chinks of light from the windows and under the door. In complete darkness we could see each each others faces as the crystal continued to glow brighter. We kept saying over and over “thank you, we love you we are so grateful, thank you for doing this for us, we love you”

The crystal deva was obviously loving the attention that she was receiving. Possibly it was several thousands of years since she had been given so much love and been asked to work. In return for our love and thanks the crystal began to perform the most amazing light show for us! The crystal sent a beam up to the ceiling and then it started to rotate and change colour, rather like a modern day laser light show. Our hearts were almost bursting with the love and excitement as we watched in wonder, from time to time we would check with each other, “can you see this?”
Eventually, the light from the crystal started to fade away and we gave it our love one last time.

After this experience I had no doubt that I should attend the Golden Atlantis teacher training course. I learned more about crystals, crystal skulls and discovered my fascination with Egypt came from my soul having a connection to the tribe of the High Priest Ra during Atlantis. There are many other skills and talents that come from Golden Atlantis, telepathy, psychometry, animal communication, connecting with nature elementals and unicorns to name a few.
If this article is resonating with you, I encourage you to consider the Diana Cooper Foundation Golden Atlantis Teacher Course that I am co teaching this October with Carol De Vasconcelos in Manchester. Carol has promised to bring some crystal skulls with her from South Africa! I am sure they will share some sacred wisdom with us ~ and maybe even light up for us.
The course is run over 3 modules, 1-3 October, 14-16 October, and 21 -23 October.
Please contact me by email [email protected] for further details and booking forms.
Booking is essential by early September at the latest as Carol and myself are travelling to UK to facilitate this and other courses.
We are looking forward to re connecting with some familiar souls from the Golden Age
We are also running the Angel Teacher Training and the Lemurian Planetary Healing training during October Check www.dianacooperfoundation for details or contact myself.

Susanne Rudd

Principal Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation
Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Transform Your Life, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Unicorns
“Spreading the Light of Angels, Ascension and the Sacred Mysteries”

[email protected]

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