Diana Cooper’s December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are about to enter the most sacred time of the year when the Christ Light of unconditional love comes pouring into the planet on Christmas Eve until Boxing Day.  I have seen it occasionally flowing over people and into places.  Last year while I was in hospital I was privileged to see it like a deep gold shimmering waterfall, cascading into the ward and splashing into every corner, then spreading through the entire hospital.  It was totally awesome.  At Christmas it is really helpful if you can find a few minutes to be quiet and undisturbed to tune into the energy.  Even if you do not feel, sense or see anything, it will be impacting on you and touching your cells with Christ Light.  It is all preparing us for the New Golden Age.

Have a beautiful Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

With angel blessings



The Golden Christed Dragons

This year the Golden Christed Dragons will be flowing in to help everyone by pouring love into your heart centre if it is open and ready.  They are offering you a cosmic gift by enabling you to embody the Christ Light.  You are then called on to spread it to others.  All you have to do is call them in and open your heart.


Preparations for Jesus’ birth

This Christmas I have been even more aware than usual of the awesome energies round the birth of Jesus.  The incredible preparations made for his birth and early life are a reminder of how important it is to welcome a new soul into a high frequency energy.  All the people who surrounded and supported his entry to the planet were highly evolved initiates.

Jesus’ mother Mary was the very pure Essene who was Ma-Ra in the golden age of Mu, and Isis in Atlantis as well as Egypt, where she gave virgin birth to Horus.

His father Joseph was St. Germain, now the Lord of Civilization.

The Wise Man, Casper was Dwjhal Kuhl.

Balthazar was Lord Kuthumi, now the World Teacher.

Melchior was El Morya.

This birth energy of exalted beings remains on Earth as a cosmic ball of light.  It is especially important and available at Christmas because of the celebrations surrounding this day.  Even though Jesus was not born on the 25th December it has always been a day when the veils between heaven and Earth are thin and special light pours in.

While it is more potent on that day, you can call in the Golden Christed Birthing Ball at any time.

Visualisation to call in the Golden Christed Birthing Ball

Sit quietly where you can be undisturbed for a few moments.

Centre yourself.

Call in the Golden Christed Birthing Ball.

Imagine it surrounding you

Rest in it, breathing comfortably.

You are being enfolded by the cosmic energies of Jesus, Mary, St Germain, Dwjhal Kuhl, Lord Kuthumi and El Morya.

It brings you healing, comfort and a sense of belonging.

When you are ready thank them and open your eyes.

It may have birthed a new aspect of you.


This Morning

Many of you saw me on This Morning talking about angels and thank you for all the lovely messages and e mails you sent.

I was not surprised to be visited by Phillip Schofield’s angel in the car on the way to the programme as he was very kind to me on a programme many years ago.  And his angel was magnificent.  I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful gold radiating from underneath wings before.

My friend Rosemary was on a train at the time and she phoned me that evening to tell me what happened.  She had forgotten her ear phones but was determined to watch it on her ipad.  She asked the young Indian man in the carriage with her if he minded the noise as she wanted to watch her friend on TV.  He asked her all about angels and watched with her, then took her e mail in case he had more questions.  Four men in the next section were talking very loudly, so she turned up the volume, explaining that she wanted to watch her friend on TV.  They asked what it was about and then all stood up to watch too.  Two women further down the carriage asked if they could see it with them, so angel energy was spreading through the train!  And when they sat down after the programme the four men were completely silent for the rest of the journey.  No one spoke a word!


Facebook Live

I am doing a one hour facebook live from 7pm on Wednesday evening when I answer questions and do some readings.  I am enjoying it immensely and thank you for all your hundreds of questions and requests each week.  You can also send questions in advance to [email protected] with the subject matter ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.

We usually do something in service to the planet each week.  Last week we built an angel portal for animals and it has been gaining strength since then.  The spirits of many animals are seeking comfort there. Others are going there to pass over easily.  And the angels are taking the spirits of people who need to understand who animals truly are to visit this portal to shift their consciousness.  Together we are making a difference.

When we connected with Archangel Raphael on another occasion the Air and Water dragons came in to help Archangel Raphael to  clean and polish the lens our third eye.  I had an e mail a few days later from the brilliant psychic Birkan Tore telling me what a difference it had made.  It had rejuvenated and clarified his psychic vision!

Do join me on Angel Inspiration Time and send in your questions.


Next year

As the new Golden Age approaches, lower energies are being stirred up and transmuted.  This means more extreme and turbulent weather.  The elements air, earth, fire and water will continue to cleanse the planet.  It is really important for lightworkers to focus light into areas where there are volcanoes, earth faults etc to dissolve the accumulated negativity there.  Where enough light is poured into a place, cleansing does not need to happen.

Our planet still holds the effects of the atomic bomb set off in one of the early experiments of Atlantis.  We are even now clearing and cleansing the fallout.  I do not believe that the spiritual hierarchy will allow another nuclear bomb to be set off of that devastating magnitude. Many are sending out fear thoughts so we are called on to hold the planet in thoughts of peace and oneness.  One golden thought can calm and soothe a huge number of fear thoughts.

We have a royal wedding to look forward to and all celebrations and rejoicings raise the frequency.

Thousands of angels, dragons, unicorns and wise beings from other planes of existence are continuing to watch over and help us raise our frequency.  We have so much to look forward to.

Enjoy your Christmas and make 2018 special

With love and angel blessings


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