Diana Cooper’s February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
What a strange time it has been for most of us. And we were promised that things would move forward and become easier. On the day before I was due to exchange contracts on the sale of my house, the chain collapsed. And this is the second time this has happened! I was not delighted.
However these are Mastery tests and many are undertaking them. One of the lessons of mastery is how we deal with disappointment. Disappointment is neither inspiring nor does it fill anyone with joy! But it does invite us to look with enlightened eyes at a higher picture or take new decisions or learn patience! And it most definitely calls on us to open our hearts to the challenges some people are taking on at this time and give thanks for how much better off we are.
And the good news is that this phase will soon pass. Everything is moving so quickly in the cosmos that we are being presented with lessons, facing them and flowing forward into something new. New doors will be opening in February, so hang in there if you are affected. Life is getting better.
I think humans are nearly as confused as the flowers. My daffodils are nearly over, lovely pink camellias in bloom as well as clouds of snowdrops. Let’s enjoy them while we can.
Lots of angel love and blessings

Visualisation to Cleanse the World
1. Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to clearing any lower energy in the whole world.
2. Close your eyes and relax.
3. Invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for your total protection. Do this three times.
4. Invoke the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to surround the whole world.
5. Think of areas of the world that have experienced a challenging time. Surround those places with the love, healing wisdom and protection of the Gold Ray of Christ.
6. Then ask the fire dragons to dive into the earth and burn up all lower energies.
7. Then ask the pure white Angels of Butyalil (the cosmic angel) to sing over the cloud of world karma and transmute it under grace.
8. Have a sense of this dissolving and turning into beautiful love, joy, health and peace. Repeat this as many times as you need to.
9. Then ask the pure white unicorns to bless the world with joy, peace and love and sense sparkles of light pouring from them over the planet.
10. See golden and pink clouds floating over the planet and people everywhere singing with joy and gratitude.
11. When you have finished imagine a wonderful pure white waterfall cleansing you.
12. Thank the dragons, unicorns and angels of Butyalil for their help.
13. Open your eyes and return to the room.

Inspirational Story
I flipped through TRUE ANGEL STORIES – 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration and opened it at this story. It made me laugh for I love their sense of humour. I know lots of people keep this book by their bedside to read a story each night and feel the inspiration.
The angels will draw your attention to words on hoardings, vans, in the newspaper, on a T-shirt, a book – anywhere – to answer your questions or inspire you.

Keep looking!
I was sitting at traffic lights on a busy road near my home, contemplating life.
I was worried and stressed, and asked for a sign that angels were with me. As I drove off I saw the lettering on a large removal van – it said we won’t let you down! I had to laugh – that was indeed a sign.
— A n g e l a C u mm i sk e y D C S

New Online Course – How the Angels Can Help You

I have created some on line courses, each divided into 7 parts. The entire course is about one hour long. The parts will be sent to you daily and you can watch them as often as you like. The first is HOW THE ANGELS CAN HELP YOU.

My vision is that the course will connect you to the angels and that they will help you enrich or possibly transform your friendships, relationships and work. And that they will bring you soul satisfaction and abundance. I also trigger the angels to heal you at a deep level.
Find out more HERE

I currently have a Special introductory offer  of £9.99 (usually £12.99) so don’t miss out.


Life is always interesting. You never know what is round the corner. Take this morning for instance. I’m walking through the hall when I hear something – a bit like when that bird fell down the chimney. Oh but this doesn’t smell like a bird. I alert Mum by wagging my tail furiously and sniffing madly round the wood burning stove. Ash-ting helps. Mum opens the door and we can hear something squawking but it is under the plate. Mum meanly puts us out of the hall and shuts the door on us. But she can’t move the plate and the creature goes quiet. She opens the door again and Ash-ting and I rush back into the hall to resume our crazy hunting. I even jump in and out of the stove. Mum phones a friend but she is ill and can’t help. She decides to have one more go so she shuts us out again and opens the front door wide. This time she heaves the plate and out pops a squirrel! What a squirrel fell down the chimney! It races round and round the hall, scrabbling at the sitting room door and finally runs out of the front door. Mum lets me out and I race all over the garden trying to find it. This keeps me happy for hours but I never do catch that squirrel. I can’t believe it, a pesky squirrel actually in my house!

Ash-ting always greets us in the morning by meowing endlessly until he gets his breakfast. And then he carries on mewing until he has had two pouches and sometimes three. Well we wake up this morning and there is Ash-ting lying in my basket, curled up not moving. Ooh! Mum touches him gently and he opens his eyes. Phew! But he doesn’t move. We leave him alone for a couple of hours, then Mum offers him some freshly cooked chicken! Hey, she usually offers that to me!!! Ash-ting slowly picks out a few little pieces…. What the greediest cat in the world refraining from gobbling chicken! He gets out of the basket and moves to his favourite spot in the conservatory. A couple of hours later Mum offers him a little more chicken and this time he eats it all….. nothing for me I might add. Then that cat jumps off the sofa and eats up all the lunch I’ve left. My lunch. Typical. That cat is fine. We think he was out on the razzle all night.

Well it is one of those days. Mum drops my lead when taking me out of the house for an evening walk. At that moment a fox runs down the road. No contest between obeying Mum and chasing a fox. I race across the road, through a neighbour’s hedge and totally ignore her frantic calls. A lady kindly stops her car and waits with Mum. People are nice like that in Dorset. I emerge momentarily from a garden, trailing my lead, and the fox dashes round a corner in front of me. I run like crazy. Mum and the nice lady separate to search and call. Then I leap through a hedge right in front of Mum, silly me, and she grabs my lead in a flash. Surprisingly she’s not cross. She knows a Papillion cross Jack Russell has got to chase a fox.

The Gold Star Seal of Atlantis by Tim Whild
Over eight years ago I was given the Blue Star Seal of Atlantis while meditating in my bedroom. This incident sticks in my mind as one of my most prominent life memories, as it was the day that my pathway truly started.
I had just been through an intense life change and was temporarily living back with my parents. At the time I was calling upon Michael many times a day to remove any facets that I wished to be clear of, and he took this opportunity to appear to me directly. Like most people, my third eye leans towards clairsentience and I ‘feel’ way through life. This time Michael was visibly clear in front of me in a column of blue light.

His message was very good natured and I have always loved his humour, but he told me that it was time to take full responsibility for my path as I had a lot of work to do. He would always be there for me but I had to sort my own problems out….calling on him fifty times a day was not enabling me to do so.

At this point he told me that I was a High Priest of Atlantis. He didn’t say who as I had to work that out for myself, and Diana Cooper would point me in the right direction. He showed me a picture of myself stood within a blue pyramid of energy that originated from my Soul Star chakra, and around my feet was the six-pointed star of Atlantis.
Michael said that this was my Blue Star Seal that I had used during the final experiment of Atlantis to keep my energy fifth-dimensional. It made the concept of needing protection obsolete, as in our higher state we are One with All That Is. It is sometimes hard work to hold our energy high though, especially when our environment could be quite dense.

Within the Blue Star Seal I could hold hold my frequency as brightly as I wished whilst moving through any challenges surrounding me.
I immediately applied this to myself with Michael’s assistance and then used it every day, feeling its powerful effect within my life. The only catch was that I could not tell anyone until after the Earth’s energy and collective consciousness had significantly risen following the Cosmic Moment (21/12/12). Only myself and Diana knew about it.

In the summer of 2013 it was time, and the Blue Star Seal was released as a powerful meditation via Diana’s website dianacooper.com. It has also been included in our first book together The Archangel Guide to Ascension.

I was also shown another higher version of this powerful tool in 2008, and I called it the Gold Star Seal of Atlantis. It was clearly meant to be used at a later date as I promptly forgot about it, until quite recently. The energies are now correct for the Gold Star Seal to be used by anyone who is drawn to work with it.
The energetic principles are identical, apart from the fact that the geometry of the tool is ninth-dimensional. During our second book The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery (available June 2016) we work with the 9D energies on several occasions, which is testament to how high many of us are reaching now. These energies are available to anyone who has dedicated themselves to the ascension pathway.

This is an invocation to the Gold Star Seal of Atlantis.
1. Create yourself a sacred space. Light a candle and ensure you are undisturbed.
2. Call upon the Christed Fire Dragons to cleanse your four-body system. Allow them to flood you with golden fire and move around you in powerful vortices of energy.
3. Take this opportunity to hand them anything that you feel may be holding you back right now. Be very specific.
4. After relaxing into their cleansing light, take a few deep breaths and turn your attention inward.
5. Notice how bright, pure and clear you feel.
6. Call now to Archangel Metatron to run a column of Helios light from the Great Central Sun down your Antakarana Bridge and down through your ascension chakras.
7. See and feel this light moving down through your..
Stellar Gateway (18 inches above your head)
Soul Star (12 inches above your head)
Causal (just above your head)
Third Eye
Heart (allow the light to rest here a moment)
Solar Plexus
Earth Star (below the souls of your feet)
8. As the light reaches your Earth Star call to Archangel Sandalphon to anchor it into the Earth Matrix.
9. You and your chakras are now in a state of higher expansion and you are ready for the next step.
10. Call upon Archangels Metatron and Michael to activate your Gold Star Seal….. “ I (name) now invoke the illumination of my Gold Star Seal of Atlantis”
11. Within your Stellar Gateway chakra you will see a very bright golden light appear.
12. Allow this light to expand around you in whatever shape you are drawn to. The energy will work directly with your higher soul dynamics, and can form into a pyramid, sphere, cube, tetrahedron or whatever you feel.
13. Relax as this encompasses your body and fields.
14. In your head make a statement of intent to fill the Seal with an energy of your choice, the higher the better. The Gold Ray of Christ or Christed Mahatma are perfect examples of this.
15. As the energy solidifies and anchors see yourself stood within a golden star. This is the Six Pointed Star of Atlantis and completes the geometry of this invocation.
16. Ask Metatron and Michael to hold this around you at all times, and know that it will draw the highest Stellar vibrations to you and assist you to integrate the new frequencies with greater ease. It will also keep your ascension energies in place wherever you may be.
17. Thank the dragons and the Archangels. Shine brightly.


Books of the Month

A little Light on the Spiritual Laws and Keys to the Universe

It is helpful to remember that every challenge is an opportunity for spiritual growth, especially if you understand the spiritual laws and can learn the lesson and move on.  A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws offers a foundation for understanding life on Earth, while the Keys to the Universe opens you up to higher possibilities.  When you read and practise the exercises in both books, this is like a powerhouse which accelerates you forward on your path.

Upcoming Workshops

6th & 7th February – Zurich

Saturday 6th February – Archangel Ascension

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now.

Sunday 7th February – Angels, Animals and Nature

Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! Today we will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through pandas to Angel Mary’s universal love. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. We will explore the eye opening missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom. Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

Contact Berhard Schaer, [email protected]

Sunday 21st February 2016
Hallmark Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset
10:00- 5:00 pm (doors open 9:15 am)

‘Ascension with Dragons, Unicorns & Metatron with Tim Whild’

Unicorns help bring about the desires of your soul.
Today Diana Cooper and Tim Whild will attune you to them to heal karmic wounds so they can energise your soul mission. Once you have connected with your unicorn they will pour blessings onto you to light up your way.

Dragons are coming forward now to assist our ascension.
You will meet your personal dragon as well as the 5D golden dragons who can help you physically manifest your visions.

All tickets £55 or £65 on the door

Click HERE to book your ticket



13 March Sunday
Grand Hotel, Malahide, Dublin

Ascend with the Archangels
It is time for you to experience joy and bliss. Diana and Rosemary will transport you to the dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for enlightenment and transformation. This will enable you to release the old and attract love, respect, good fortune and happiness.

For Tickets, please email: [email protected]

Energy Update: February 2016 – Life under Construction – By Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou

Do you experience February like a new beginning or as a second January? Many people experience these days as their true beginning for 2016. In fact you may be feeling that the need for change became more obvious (in most people) in a more intense way the last two weeks.

It is true that there is an increased activity of Light and this brings massive ways of awakening. And when we say “awakening” we don’t mean “enlightenment” in the usual sense, but an awakening to a state which we were not aware till now. Expect many changes for the better in the following nine month period (which began in Dec. 2015) till the first days of August. We are going through a rebirth on personal and planetary level – the first phasis of the new birth!

This awakening in our reality brings us face to face with the situation we used to live in. The old state may feel suffocating at this time and you would prefer to finish immediately with it! On the other hand the new state has not been established yet. We need to ground it here on the third dimension.

We call this transitional period as Life Under Construction!

You may have discovered things about yourself you now want to let go or change. And it’s not uncommon this need for change to be interweaved with your relationships, family or your work.

Remember that in this building site of life where many renovations, demolitions and re-designing take place, at the core of this is each one of us. We may don’t know how long this transformation will take, but definitely it won’ t be forever.

If you need more energy support to get you through such a phase in life the Secret Alchemy spray Lady Nada is suitable for transitions.

9 Step Guide to get you started:

1. Take a deep breath! Become aware that you are in an important change in your life and this can happen in the most perfect way for you. Change is part of the evolution.

2. With clarity and peace decide the direction you want to go. Set strong foundations. On which values and ideas will you build your new self/ life?

3. Ask for help from the Spirit/ Angels to guide and oversee your steps. Their support is here for you to ask!

4. Flexibility! Many things may not turn out as planned or there may be delays while you build your new life. Be willing to make adjustments throughout the process.

5. Make the necessary inner work in order to release the resistances and anything that holds you back. Which emotions and beliefs are not serving you anymore?

6. Balance! Take the time needed for the transition and hold a balance. Make sure that you take enough brakes to nurture yourself in order to avoid a disastrous exhaustion.

7. Ask for help from people who are appropriate or professionals and can provide you with advises in order to make the changes much easier and in an integrated way.

8. Be open to learn and do new things or do things in a different way. This may feel uncomfortable and beyond of what you are already familiar with, but do it anyway!

9. Celebrate your new creation!

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou



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