Diana Cooper’s July 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends

I can’t believe it is mid summer already and we have had a very powerful summer solstice so the next few months herald change.  This is a time to prepare for the energies pouring in during September.

I have just returned from the Sheffield Children’s Media Conference which was very interesting.  We took our presentation for an animated TV children’s series of Tara and the Talking Kitten with us. We also took the short promo (which arrived at the last minute and still has a long way to go).  The night scenes with the fairies are beautiful but we need to make lots of changes and updates.  Eight commissioners took our presentation away with them so we await feedback.

The Hay House Angel Summit at Tuke Hall was great.  It was lovely to see Kyle Gray and Radleigh Valentine again so soon after Hamburg and one of the perks of my work is that I get to meet wonderful people.

With angel love and blessings


Tara and her Talking Kitten Children’s Animated TV Series
To entertain, enchant and empower children

My friend Pat Greenland, who is a film producer, and I worked flat out to write 26 scripts of 11 minutes each to take to the Sheffield Children’s Media Conference with the promo, in our efforts to get interest in an animated TV series. And it was worth putting all that work in. We would love feedback on the 2.5 min promo! If you have time to watch it and tell us what you think that would be fabulous. Even better if you have children between 4 and 8 please give us their views. We are thinking of modernising Tara’s look and speeding everything up.

You can view the promotional clip HERE

Inspirational Story

My friend Rosemary Stephenson has at last got her rabbit. I showed a photo of Hector in the last newsletter. The first time she cleaned out his hutch she tied his harness to a long pole so he could run in their meadow. To her amazement two baby rabbits came to say hello to him.

Guardian Angel Poem

Just before I went to Hamburg my Guardian Angel gave me this poem and lots of people wanted a copy, so I thought I’d share it with you.
It is a good idea to close your eyes, ground yourself, breathe until you are relaxed and surround yourself in gold before you say this prayer, for it is sacred.

Beloved Guardian Angel,
I am so pleased to get to know you better. I know you have loved me since time began and have always unconditionally supported and cared for me for my highest good. I thank you.
Please help me to feel your constant presence.
Help me to heal all my relationships and fulfil my soul mission.
Help me walk with loving kindness, to serve with joy, to make choices for the highest good.
Please introduce me to all those who will help me walk my path with light and integrity.
If you like you can ask a question or for guidance now. The response may not come immediately but expect it to drop in or be given to you in the next few days.
So be it.

The Temple of The Inner Sun by Tim Whild

Preparing for meditation, relax, breathe deeply and see yourself surrounded by pure golden light.

Use this invocation to call upon 3 higher, Christed Rays.

“I (name) choose to accept and integrate, a deep illumination of the Christed Mahatma, the Gold Ray of Christ, and the Aquarian Ascension Energy, into my entire four body Matrix….thereby allowing a full, open manifestation of my Divine Ascended Self in service to Gaia, humanity and All That Is”

Feel this powerful light washing through every cell of your being.

As you continue to brighten, be gently aware that this ninth-dimensional download is releasing any remaining density that you may have within your energetic matrix.

Bright golden dragons are now joining you…these are solar dragons, created from the Fires of Helios, and they are here to take any density that is available, and return it immediately to Source.

Invite them into your bodies, and fields….and ask them to take your energies to the highest level possible. See them moving clockwise and anti-clockwise around you.

You feel yourself relaxing deeply as the dragons do this gentle but powerful work. Soon, and with every out-breath, you become a chalice of complete purity.

Focus now on your breath…with every inbreath, and outbreath, you become more connected with the light of your heart centre..

It is pure white, but mixed with radiant gold….go into it. Feel it expanding…you are your heart…your heart is you.

As this connection grows, and deepens…your inner vision and reality start to change.

You are on a boat, at sea, floating gently towards a sandy shore.
The boat is sturdy, but simple, and is guided by a current that flows and ebbs around you.
The sun above you shines warm and brightly…the sky blue and the water deep and crystal clear…
Dip your fingers…it is warm…the climate here meditteranean.

As you move towards the shore, you see a figure dressed in bright orange ready to greet you.
On the front of his robe is the symbol of a golden sun….you are moving directly towards him….he is smiling.
You get the impression that he is drawing your boat towards him with his mind.

Your boat hits the shore, gently, and he helps you out onto the soft warm sand.
As your feet touch the grains, you see your body surrounded by robes of the same design. The material is comfortable, loose fitting, and perfect for the heat of the day.
You look up briefly, there are two moons in the sky, one in close orbit to where you are.

The man gently introduces himself to you as Master Voosloo…a High Priest of Golden Atlantis. As he turns to lead you up the beach, you see a bright flash of gold coming from his aura….the light he emits is clearly visible.

As you walk, side by side, he welcomes you back to the Island of Posieda.
Posieda was the home to many great priests and priestesses of the Atlantean era, and you were one of them.

Today, he exlains, you are returning to the South side of the island to experience the Power of your own Internal Light.

You both continue to walk, and after moving through some eucalyptus groves, you reach a pure white marble pathway.

The pathway starts to wind itself gently uphill, and after a short climb, you are introduced to an incredible sight.

The building in front of you is a crystal pyramid, shining brightly in the sun.
Golden orbs, four of them, circle above the peak 444 feet in the air reflecting light into the top of the pyramid. The technology here is clearly greatly advanced.

With Voosloo, you enter a doorway…

The inside of the structure is filled with lush plants, and water features, and souls dressed in orange move about their various tasks tending to different jobs. There seems to be no rush, or hurry. Everything is done with divine reverence.
A young lady approaches you, smiling, and hands you a drink. You feel completely at ease.

Voosloo, and yourself, start to walk up some winding crystal stairs. As you climb, you see that there are floors to the interior, each becoming smaller as you head to the top.
The upper levels appear to be accomodation, each room looking out upon the sea, or Island landscape with a magnificent view.

Near the top of the pyramid is a golden walkway, leading to a chamber that is directly under the apex of the four sides.
You walk, with Voosloo, and enter the sacred room.

Voosloo explains to you that the beautiful pyramid is the Temple of the Inner Sun, and that this room is the Inner-Light Synthesis Chamber….
You look around. It is a simple room, with four crystal sides, allowing perfect vision all around you.
You are 444 feet above sea level…..The view is stunning.
The Isle of Posieda, Atlantis, lies behind you….the sea stretching out in front. The sun creating golden sparkles all around.

Voosloo invites you to be seated in the centre of the room.
The chair is comfortable…..The armrests have crystal for you to place your hands upon at the end.
As you make contact with the crystal, it turns to liquid, reshaping around your hands with a cool flow.

Master Voosloo bids you to relax, close your eyes, and bring your attention to your heart centre. It feels as though he could be placing his hand gently upon the centre of your chest…

As you move your focus and relax, you feel every cell of your body lit up with vibrating Cosmic Light.

The apex of the pyramid is drawing pure light codes, and vibrations, from Stellar constellations….
You become aware of soft trickles of these codes starting to mix and merge with the cells of your body…
There are hints of all different star systems here…..so now tune into

the Light of The Pleiades……

The Christed Light of Lyra…

The Luminosity of Orion…

The deep knowledge of Sirius

The ascended aspects of our own planetary systems

And, most prominantly….the 9d light of the Galactic Spiritual Suns…Helios and Vesta.

There may be others that come to you also….be open and ready to receive this divine light.

Feel all of these light codes integrating, and activating, the blueprint for your Ascended Cosmic Master Self….

As you relax, glowing brighter and brighter…feel the vestiges of your 4th veil of amnesia starting to dissolve..
If this is prominent for you, right now, acknowledge this and allow the Unicorns to assist you.

Relaxing further, and deeper, into this flow of Cosmic light….you become aware of the fact that all of this light is already an intricate part of your Soul Matrix.
Connections to all corners of the Multi-verse have always been within you. Feel this deepest integration…..allowing your light to expand, and transcend all boundaries of conscious reality.
At this moment, right now, you are All That Is
All That Is….is you.

Still aware of where you are…you here Voosloos soft voice speak to you through your meditative state..

“Walking Master of Light….you have now walked the length of your initial ascension pathway.
Much has been experienced. Much has been endured….and much has been achieved.
You are now in a reality where you are embracing who you truly are….the ego dissolving…the heart opening like a pure white rose.
This is your choice, your journey, to represent your facet of Galactic LIght in the celebration of Earths Ascension.
Take this vibration, this Cosmic Inner Light back to your reality….Wave 2 of the ascension process has begun”

You slowly bring your attention back to your heart centre….every cell of your being glowing with the full activation of your own Inner luminesence..and Voosloo greets you with a smile.

Leaving the pyramid with Master Voosloo, you realise that you have been part of an everyday activation for the Priesthood of Atlantis.
Light was embraced and maintained daily during the Golden Era…

Soon, you are back upon the beach once again, and just before you leave….Voosloo hands you a gift.
Placing his hand upon your Stellar Gateway chakra, you feel a current of his light running down your chakra system….grounding you into your perfect fifth dimensional reality…

Feel your Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval, Sacral, Base and Earth Star lit up, and fully activated….

Take a few moments to feel, and see this….bidding Voosloo thanks and farewell, and return to the warm bright sea.

When you are ready….floating, but grounded and glowing…open your eyes and return to where you are sat.


I sometimes think my soul choice to incarnate as a little white dog was a bit hasty. But I wanted to spend my lifetime with Mum again. She couldn’t make up her mind whether or not she wanted a Papillion or a Jack Russell. I know, I know, they are very different but that’s humans for you. Anyway I took the opportunity when my Guardian Angel presented it to come in as a Jackapap, a Jack Russell mixed with Papillion. We thought it was a perfect solution. I have all the character of a Jack Russell but I look like a rather sturdy Papillion.
Anyway I’m playing happily in the woods when this ginormous German Shepherd appears. ‘Don’t worry,’ say his owners to Mum, ‘He’s very gentle. He loves little dogs.’ I’m not so sure so I keep close to Mum until they disappear. Ten minutes later, we are walking down a narrow path and this creature charges towards me. Mum shouts at it to stop and leave. Its owners are running towards us shouting. Suddenly it skids to a halt, just before it launches itself on me. ‘Oh sorry,’ say its owners. ‘He loves little dogs but he must have thought she was a rabbit.’ Thank you very much.

And that very same day I’m snuffling around in the undergrowth having a lovely time when something else happens. I’m not very clear about it but Mum says she was walking along the path when she heard a commotion and thought I, Venus, was after a deer… well they are fun to chase. Then she heard a yelp and I came shooting out of the undergrowth being chased by a deer. I raced for Mum and the deer stopped and just stood there glaring at me. Mum told me quietly to walk on and at last that mother deer turned away and went back into the trees.
As for Ash-ting he has been bringing in a mouse as a gift every day. One day Mum was sitting in the conservatory when she saw a mouse racing across the kitchen, followed by the cat and followed by me. Mum jumped up and ran into the kitchen just in time to see the mouse trying to hide in her trainers. Mum rugby tackled Ash-ting and pushed me away and managed to get the kitchen door open so that the mouse got away. Meanie!

Last week Mum was catching a train to Sheffield so she took me for a nice long walk early. It really wasn’t my fault. A rabbit ran right past me so I chased it and probably was rather longer than I thought in the undergrowth. I didn’t know Mum was running round the forest looking for me. In the end she called her friend Katrina who has a bike and who went pedalling round the paths as fast as she could in search of me. I turned up at Mum’s side at exactly the same moment that she did! I had a lovely game with Arnie the Yorkie after which I was so exhausted I couldn’t walk. I just flopped down in the grass. In the end Mum picked me up and put me in Arnie’s bicycle basket. I loved it. I rode home in state while everyone else was hot and tired.
Love Venus


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday September 5|6

The Light, Friends House, Euston Road, London

The Archangel Guide to Ascension
5.00pm – 6.00pm
Diana Cooper the much beloved expert on Angels and Ascension will show you how you can raise your vibrational frequency to the fifth dimension where you can find soul satisfaction and true happiness. In this inspiring talk Diana will connect you to 10 mighty Archangels, who will help you to enter, open and activate your 12 chakras. This will bring you confidence, hope, wisdom and higher love. Diana will enable you to open your heart to embrace fully the higher love energies available in these times and offer you 10 simple steps to Ascension that you can practice daily.

You can book your tickets HERE


South Africa

19 September Johannesburg

20 September Durban

24 September Capetown


Fabulous Organic

FreeBodyLotion (1)A note from Dawn and Barry,

It’s the 10th anniversary of when we first met – at the Frome Festival World Feast. To celebrate, we are giving away a FREE 50ml body lotion on all orders over £10 for the next 10 days. (7th – 17th July)

We think the Universe must have had a hand in us meeting! It would never have happened if Barry’s arrangements hadn’t kept falling through. Similarly Dawn was only at the same place at the same time through a series of unusual circumstances. So here we are, 10 years later, with 2 children and a business together – Fabulous Organic. We think that is worth celebrating! To place your order (worth over £10) and get a free body lotion, go to www.fabulousorganic.co.uk

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Here’s to Your Health and Happiness

Fabulous Organic
We only put fabulous stuff in our products. All our body care products are made with natural and organic ingredients


Written by Carol de Vasconcelos –South Africa

No one dies alone, angels are always with you when you are about to pass over, we are told in Diana Coopers book “True Angel Stories 777  Messages of Hope and Inspiration”.
Your guardian angels is holding your hand and Archangel Azriel the angels of birth and death, is also with you. They ensure that you feel no pain and minimum shock when you move into the light Diana says. And this has brought me great comfort for a very long time after I read this message in this amazing book with so many true angel stories.

I have a very interesting story to tell you all about Valentine ’s Day, I have recently started a Channeling class and was sitting at my computer before the class which was to be held on Valentine’s Day, if our loved ones send us messages for Valentines from beyond.

After pondering on this I eventually came to no conclusion and went about my business and then decided to clear the draws of my desk—well I was throwing away and clearing—when I came upon a bubble wrapped little parcel and wondered what it could be as I had never seen it before—even as I recall this story—I am so amazed I even get goose bumps ………the paper off revealed the two cutest cherubs holding a red heart and golden cherubs (I feel my eyes tearing up as I tell this) and then as I looked in the draw there were about eight “I LOVE YOU” red sprinklers in the draw .

Well needless to say I was gob smacked , I looked at the back of the cherubs and it said “Made in China” and I laughed my cherubs were “Made in Heaven “ for sure and came from my wonderful husband Tony who has passed on many years ago. Well my question was answered = when your loved ones want to communicate with you from the spiritual realm they will even on Valentine’s Day and I have to tell you it will be a Valentine’s Day I will never forget. And I realized how close they really are.

This has been a very exciting year and I am excited as I expect miracles every day
Namaste Carol

Books of the Month

Venus a Diary of a Puppy and her Angel
For all animal lovers and those who are ready to open their hearts. This funny and gentle book entertains and teaches everyone. You will fall in love with Venus the puppy with a big but jealous heart and Ash-ting the kitten who thinks Venus is his mother. (Also available on Audio CD)

Finn’s Space Adventures
I wrote this book for my then nine year old grandson and he still loves it. Finn is an ordinary boy but one night he is visited by Captain Ambrose, a space captain, who opens up his gift of manifestation which must only be used for good. He meets Vaz, who has the gift of making himself and others invisible and Agapay who can communicate with all creatures. They must co-operate for their gifts to be effective. And so they are sent to extraordinary and exciting parts of the universe to help others and resolve situations. They also visit Sirius and learn about the technology of the future. They bring some of this back to Earth to help Finn’s brother, with startling results. A good summer holiday read.

Signed copies of both these books and audio CD are available to purchase directly from me. Please email [email protected] for further information.

Secret Alchemy
Archangel Gabriel – Revelations

This mighty Archangel is deeply connected to annunciation, resurrection, hope and revelation. As a divine messenger, Gabriel help us connect through purity to the divine, reminding us that our true strength is in God. Pray to this Archangel to help you in strengthening your faith and following your heart. Here is a prayer to help in connecting with this Archangel. As you sit in silent meditation breathe through your channel the energy of Gabriel and let it fill your heart and all of your body.

Beloved Archangel Gabriel, I pray that you surround me with your kind presence and guide me to my destiny. Please clear all distractions and help me in seeing and accepting the Truth. Archangel Gabriel infuse your energies in me and bring the Divine message in my heart, spirit and mind. I am ready to receive now! Thank you.

Alchemically yours,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos

Archangel Gabriel Energy Spray

General Effect: It helps us develop the ability of being truthful to ourselves. Encourages and energizes new growth in order to remember the sweetness of life when we tend to forget it. Improves the energy flow in the meridians. Balances the female qualities and the opening of the kundalini energy. Telepathy, intuition and clarity of the vision. Empowers and clears the thoughts and emotions. Helps in connecting with the Universal Mind.

Qualities: Independence, Revelations, Intuition, Emotional Release.

Correspondence: Sacral Chakra.

Affirmation: I trust my intuition! I am guided every moment!

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: [email protected]


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