Diana Cooper’s May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends

I love the Spring when the bluebells are in flower. Not only are they gorgeous but Archangel Michael is always close there. And the white blossoms draw in Archangel Gabriel to connect you to purity and new beginnings. And then the pink cherry blossom and magnolia bring in Archangel Chamuel spreading love. My new house is in a road lined with glorious blossom trees so I feel very blessed and even more charmed that I am one minute walk from beautiful countryside.

My new home
I have been so grateful to live with my son Justin, his fiancée Rachel and six year old Maya for the last two months while my little house has been transformed by the builders. The family has made me feel so welcome and this has made what could be a challenging time into a joy.
While the builders have been exceptional and very helpful most people have experienced the frustrations of building delays. I was expecting it to be finished by last Friday but the painter has not completed and gone on holiday for two weeks. I only have to think of Syrian refugees and know this is a tiny blip in the ocean of life, especially as I had just been back to my old location for the weekend to see friends and had a wonderful time.
May the angels be with you

Build a 9D grid round Earth with Lord Voosloo at Mind Body Spirit
It was my 21st year of presenting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, so it had to be special! Archangel Metatron and the might Lord Voosloo, the highest frequency High Priest to incarnate in Golden Atlantis were with us. Lord Voosloo steps in to help Earth at important and critical times of consciousness change, so he is working with us now during this 20 year run up to 2032, the start of the new Golden Age. Wow we are so blessed to be here right now. Many beautiful radiant beings attended the workshop and Lord Voosloo had asked us to add our energy to the formation of the 9th dimensional grid round Earth. We raised our frequency to the 9th dimension and then linked to all the stars, planets and galaxies, ensuring that Earth is connected into the sacred 9th dimensional blueprint of this universe. It felt very powerful indeed and Archangel Metatron and Lord Voosloo want to thank everyone who participated. The visualisation and more details are in my book with Tim Whild due out next month, The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery.​

Tricky times – Five planets currently in retrograde
Right now everyone is being tested. Mercury, Taurus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde!!! No one is exempt from the effects of this slow down and often disruption in our lives. This is a time for introspection, relaxation, look out for the underdog and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

When Mercury goes retrograde it is a good time to take stock of your life. Try not to travel and be patient and clear about communications. Plan for the new but don’t actually start it because it is better to wait for the tide to be flowing in the right direction.

When Pluto goes retrograde it is a time of inner cleansing. You may be challenged about being true to yourself.

When Mars goes retrograde it is a time for self-control and discipline. Slow down and think things through. It is a time to stand up for those who cannot look after themselves.

When Saturn goes retrograde there is delay and disruption. You are asked to re-evaluate your plans and decide what really is right for you. This allows you to be clear what you really do want when this phase is over.

When Jupiter is in retrograde all the expansion and growth in your life halts. This is a time to decide what you want to let go of. If something or someone is not right for you it will be taken away. And ultimately this is for your highest good!

So here is what has happened for me in the last week.
First I was with a friend, a beautiful but gentle soul, when we met a man who had bullied her unmercifully. It was time to use my Archangel Michael energy and stand up to him on her behalf. I sometimes think I have rather too much warrior energy but this time it really worked and I don’t think he will be bullying her again and hopefully no one else either.

Our e mails went down. Melissa, my PA discovered that Sean Price of Ibox Security who had been looking after them had not paid his bills even though we had paid him. Instead of communicating so that we could make other arrangements, he just closed his business owing money. Lesson. Follow my intuition and find a provider I really trust.

All the internal painting in my house was supposed to be finished by last Friday. It wasn’t anywhere near finished, so other jobs like carpet laying could not be done. So the painter went on holiday for two weeks. Lesson. Patience and check that everything in the house is as I want it before he comes back and things move ahead again.

Train travel. I discovered it would take two hours and two changes to reach Victoria for Mind Body Spirit. There were no coaches. Solution. Take a deep breath and order a taxi.

General message. Don’t struggle and fight for success. Just chill, relax and enjoy life. There is always a reward when we do this.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 14th May – Wrage, Hamburg

Angels and Transformation
The angels and unicorns have given me incredible new exercises, awesome visualisations and transformational tools to illuminate you today. I will take you through an extraordinary process, during which the angels will clear all that is holding you back and then enable you to spread your wings and fly. For this you will be cocooned in the inner light of Archangel Azriel, the angel of birth, so that your own inner changes can unfold in a divinely guided way. It will also involve deep life changing meditations with the Archangels who will heal the old you and ignite your transformation.
You will learn to tune into Archangels Michael and Mary to be your wise, parental guides, who love, encourage, support and strengthen you. This is a life changing shift.

Click HERE to order your tickets.


Thursday 26th May, Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. 7:30PM


Unicorns help bring about the desires of your soul. This evening Diana Cooper and Tim Whild will attune you to them to heal karmic wounds so they can energise your soul mission. Once you have connected with your unicorn they will pour blessings onto you to light up your way. Dragons are coming forward now to assist our ascension. You will meet your personal dragon as well as the 5D golden dragons who can help you physically manifest your visions.

Tickets are £15 available HERE

For further information, please email: [email protected]


Saturday 25th June -World Angel Summit, London

Join Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine and Lorna Byrne on 25 June for the Angel World Summit in London!

The Angel World Summit brings together the world’s leading Angel experts for an incredible day designed to bring you closer to the Angels. This is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with the Angels, receive the latest Angelic guidance and meet a wonderful community of like-minded people. During in-depth workshops with Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray and Radleigh Valentine you will experience powerful guided meditations, group exercises and live angel readings. Plus Lorna Byrne will talk about the unique relationship between you and your guardian angel and give individual angel blessings.

Click HERE to book your tickets

A Decree for Lightworkers by Tim Whild

There is so much coming up for us at the moment, I thought I would write a decree for Lighworkers who are moving through difficult release patterns.
This decree is designed to free all karma and past-life issues, particularly pertaining to family and ancestral bloodlines.
I recommend reading it facing the East at sunrise. You are speaking to the Universe with power and Mastery.

Love and blessings, Tim

I, (name), acting under the Law of One invoke the Intergalactic Council and the Board of Karma. I also request the Illumined presences of my guides, Angels and Assistants In Light.
All Beings who have transcended polarity, please now attend.

I now command the full release every agreement, energy or contract that has been made with, or without, my permission throughout all dimensional spaces, worlds, parallel Universes or Astral Planes.

I invoke the Cosmic Godfire to destroy all binding energies that are filtering through SpaceTime to this NOW moment.

I invoke the Cosmic Godfire to release the bindings placed upon me by my karmic bloodline and genetic family, living or dead.

I command all beings that are restricted by lower frequencies to leave my personal space, bodies and fields.

I invoke the Cosmic Godfire to free me of all restrictions that may have been placed upon me by my soul, thus allowing me to manifest my ascension in its highest Light.

(Repeat three times)

As Within So Without
As Above So Below.
It is done.

Tim Whild
Spiritual Author @ Hay House Publishing


I shall be really glad to move into our home. The house is still full of dust and builders, though they do all pat me and say I’m gorgeous. It’s not the same as it being just Mum and me.
I’m beginning to get used to the garden as Mum and Isabel, her granddaughter, and I have spent some afternoons gardening there. It is lovely and sunny and, although it is a mess at the moment, Mum has great plans to change things. I hope there will be lots of bushes and trees for me to snuffle round.
Also I am getting used to the walks. It feels much better now that I recognise lots of the regulars and their dogs. Mum has met a delightful lady who walks with her 9 rescue Cavalier spaniels and they are lovely. Here are some of them. Can you spot me? And Sugar?

It was my birthday on 22nd April and I was five years old.
Ash-ting, my grey cat is so happy at Justin’s and Maya loves him so much that he is going to stay with them. It will be funny not to have him to snuggle with when I want to but I will still see a lot of him and he loves the idea of being played with all the time.
I am mostly a paragon of virtue as you probably realise but, while we were visiting our friends Kathy and Buddy, I did bark at their postman. Well he dropped his bag and ran. What is a self-respecting dog to do? I chased him out of the cul de sac and down the road and totally ignored Mum calling me back. I can’t always be good.
Love Venus

Meet The Archangels Online Course

Following the success of How Angels can Help You, my second on line course Meet the Archangels has also proved very popular. It is totally different from the first one and people are really thrilled to connect with the seven Archangels who are featured. Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Mary, Metatron and Fhelyai, Angel of Animals. It is a life changer when you can call on and connect with a mighty archangel to receive assistance, guidance and their special energies. Do try it! Your life could expand beyond your recognition.

The full course is approximately one hour long, split into 7 parts which will be emailed to you over 7 days.

This course is currently on offer for £9.99 inc VAT (The price will increase to £12.99 inc VAT at the end of the month)

*Once you have registered for the course you will be sent a separate email to confirm your subscription, please ensure you click on this link as you will be charged for the course but will not receive the videos until this has been done. YOUR COURSE WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU THE DAY AFTER YOU HAVE CONFIRMED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

Order your course HERE

Dragon Blessing

Dragons are pouring in to help us now. Since September 2015 high frequency dragons have been coming to assist our ascension. Here is a dragon blessing from my next book with Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery which will be available next month. Hope you enjoy the journey.

Visualisation. A Dragon Blessing
1.Prepare for meditation.
2.Call to the fire dragons to illuminate your sacred space, clearing any dense energy from your home or meditation area. Feel them swirling around you clockwise, and anti-clockwise, lighting up your surroundings with golden fire.
3. Ask the dragons to move through your four body system, clearing anything from you which you feel you need releasing. Feel it being removed with sacred flames.
4. With your eyes closed, call on a dragon representative to introduce itself to you.
It can be any size, colour, or energy.
Allow it to sit quietly with you and feel this dragon’s energy.
5. Bring your attention to your heart centre. Visualise it glowing pure, radiant white.
See the heart of your dragon companion also…glowing brightly in the centre of its magnificent chest
6. Allow a beam of light to flow from your master heart chakra, and join with that of the dragon. Feel the union between the two of you, the one-ness.
7. Tell the dragon anything that you wish from the centre of your heart. Be truthful, loving and honest. Dragons have infinite wisdom.
8. Wait for a response. If you have asked a question, the answer may come later to you as a sign or synchronicity.
9. Invoke Archangel Gabriel to place a radiant diamond in your dragon’s heart, and thank the dragon for coming to you, and also for its selfless service to humanity and Earth.
10. Ask Gabriel and his legions of angels to bestow this blessing upon all of the dragons working upon Earth at this time. See them all with their hearts shining with diamond light.
11. Thank Archangel Gabriel, and know that you have offered a great service to the working dragons of Gaia.

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