Diana Cooper’s September 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

September heralds a new beginning – not just schools going back but a new start for the world. I am entering this new phase with a rest, a sabbatical in France with my friend Rosemary Stephenson, and Venus, of course. So this newsletter contains fascinating articles on A Fairy who has Ascended to become an Angel, the great master Adama, Venus among others, to inspire the next phase of your life.

Diana x

Conversation with fairy ascended to an angel

I was walking in the woods when I had the most extraordinary conversation with an angel. I was thinking about ragwort when she appeared, so I asked who she was? She said she was a fairy who had recently ascended to become an angel. She was full of love and lightness and she was lightening me up!

So she had ascended from the fifth to the seventh dimension. Since the Cosmic Moment most of the elementals have moved into the fifth dimension, so it is logical that a fifth dimensional fairy could now ascend to the angelic realms. I was curious how this transition happened, so I asked her. She replied that as they were ethereal they didn’t have to go through a sixth dimension so they moved through a cloud of pink love and golden wisdom and this took them into the seventh dimension. She said that her name was Dahlia and she had been a dahlia fairy. I was surprised. I suppose because I feel dahlias have been cultivated. ‘Oh no we were brought from Mexico to the west to bring about oneness and understanding. Also the dahlias express forgiveness and bringing together.’

‘Oh but dahlias are lots of colours. What colour are you?’ She laughed her tinkling laugh and said she still carried the many colours of oranges and yellows and red but as she evolved she would become a beautiful golden white and she seemed very thrilled and excited by this. So I asked her how I could help her and she responded I could tell people about her. Then people would consciously or unconsciously focus on her and this would give her energy and more ability to serve.

I asked what her work was and I got quite a lecture. She said, ‘We don’t call it work. Work is a word of the ego. Work suggests that you must labour for money or some other need – and of course all our needs are provided. If you only knew – if only you had total faith yours would be too. She said they used the word agayla and she said it was spelt a-g-a-y-l-a. Again I was astonished. How could a fairy ascended to an angel know about spelling? She laughed again and I realised they have so much more knowledge and understanding about us than I had realised. So they go merrily to agayla. This means that with their hearts open they joyfully serve others and this brings them the greatest happiness and satisfaction.
She told me that this was the process. When someone calls them they are able to place a higher template for happiness or love over the person. This dissolves the lower template that person holds and the higher frequencies are absorbed into the aura. She says it is wonderful work and she loves doing it. Of course they have to have permission which means the person has to ask for it to happen.

‘Please can you agayla me with joy?’ I asked. I felt as if a great sacred geometric crystalline pattern was placed over my entire energy field and it was sparkling and shimmering. She then said, ‘Because you love them and they love you a unicorn has come to pour light on you and hold this in place.’ I was standing in the middle of the forest with my eyes closed. I felt the white light of the unicorn surround me. Then I felt tension in my solar plexus. Was this resistance? I breathed deeply. Then I sighed and relaxed and a sparkling orange filled me.

And Dahlia and the unicorn had gone. Venus and I hurried home joyfully and I sat in front of the laptop and agayla’d this information for my newsletter. I wish you happy agayla.


Every morning Mum tells me I’m the best dog in the world and strokes my tummy and I love her. Today I hate her. It’s my duty and delight to bark and warn her when there are people and other dogs in neighbouring gardens, isn’t it? This especially applies to the sneaky sausage dog on one side. Well it had been one of those days when everyone was outside and so were the dogs. I raced from side to side barking. She put me inside for a while but when she let me out I barked for England. In the end she put the hose on me every time I uttered a sound. I hate water. It was a horrible thing to do! How could she be so mean when I’m protecting her? I hate her and I sat and glowered at her. She laughed and said she’d never seen me give her dirty looks before. Well she has now.

Nevertheless I am a wise, intelligent dog. Mum had to go shopping and she left a key for Chris the builder. Before she went out she said, ‘Chris is coming. Don’t bark at him. He’s meant to come in.’ And I didn’t. I went downstairs to sniff him and then let him in without a murmur. She said it was a sign of maturity.

I still see my new friend Arnie, the Yorkie, in the woods. His mum says I’m good for him as he follows me into the bracken to explore and is much less nervous when I’m around. I’ve ridden in his bike basket a few times and sometimes we even ride in it together!

Ash-ting my cat is the same as ever. He still lies in the road where his grey coat blends perfectly with the tarmac. He still climbs onto the garage roof and through the bedroom window at night if it is hot. Then we don’t get too much sleep. He is a cat Houdini. The other day Mum had to take him to the vet. She didn’t want him to escape before it was time to go for the appointment. So she kept him in the house and shut all the doors and windows, leaving a large notice on the back door saying. DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT. Next thing she looks out of the kitchen window and he’s strolling unconcerned across the lawn! Luckily he was tempted in by salami and was around when it was time to take him to the vet.

Inspirational Unicorn Story

I am still working on translating your unicorn book into Japanese every day. Last weekend I went to meet the wild horses and followed the guidance that people should look at them only from a far distance, not go close to them. When I called on unicorn light, they came to me and my son, lots of them. I continued to call the unicorns by chanting “unicorn light unicorn light.” Then one by one they came and touched me, scraped me gently, nudged me or chewed my skirt!!

It was so thrilling! And I felt lots of joy! incredible happiness!!!

Other people including my mother were just so surprised to see us from the far distance. It was so good that my mother could notice this.

Fumi Finch, Master Teacher, Diana Cooper Foundation

Angels and Animals

Animals are on their own soul mission and many are highly evolved. Through her dog Venus, Diana has connected profoundly with animals and their angels. Today she will share a spiritual perspective on the animal kingdom and take you on a wonderful meditation to connect with the Angel of Animals to help all creatures on the planet. With exercises and visualizations the angels will strengthen your ability to communicate with the animals.

Diana will also share the fun, laughter and joy she has with her dog, based on her new book, Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel.

Rosemary Stephenson will be sharing the wisdom of Telsa her amazing Boxer dog who is still working with her from spirit. She will raise the frequency with her magical crystal bowls and will encourage everyone to sing gloriously to heal the world and the angels will join in.

Contact Rosemary Stephenson
[email protected]

Venue: Crewe Hall, Crewe, Cheshire.
Time: 11am until 5pm
Ticket price: £55 each or 2 for £99


Adama was a High Priest of Lemuria and head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. He is also an intergalactic master. His retreat is in Hollow Earth, below Mount Shasta, California. He is helping to activate the new crystalline grid round the planet and fill it with the Christ light.

Jacqueline Mary Piper who took this photograph, sent this amazing experience and information about Adama and Mount Shasta, Archangel Gabriel and the Masters.

Amazing Story about Mount Shasta and Message from Adama By Jacqueline Mary Piper
It was the time of the Spring Equinox and I could feel the energies on the planet rising when one day I was in my healing room and Adama appeared clearly and spoke to me asking that I visit Mount Shasta, California.

Adama’s energy as he came to me was so pure, joyful and high frequency that I felt really drawn to visiting the mountain which is his base on Earth. So within a couple of weeks there I was heading towards the Mount Shasta in my hire car.

The most extraordinary thing which I will never forget was as I approached the mountain my crown chakra opened really wide, not momentarily but opened wide and stayed open , so wide it was a complete expansion of the energy around my crown.

There I was being held in a higher power unlike anything I had felt before.

At that moment I realised this was a very powerful spiritual zone and anything could happen.

Walking around the town at Shasta I was aware of living in a different frequency, a different light permeated everything and everyone. The light there is one of purification. Within this healing break-throughs happen and people can release what they have been holding on to.

Adama came to me frequently while I was there and he encouraged me to explore with his guidance the energies present within the mountain. He told me there are a group of higher beings, Ascended Masters and Angels based there along with the Christ Light opening this area and expanding the energies upon the Earth gradually. It is a very important portal of light and growing daily.

He also showed me the inside of the mountain etherically and the massive clear quartz generator crystal inside.

He guided me through purification exercises and initiations. On the first morning I was there he appeared in colour against the backdrop of the mountain and pines and came out in this photo I took. With an ordinary camera.

There was another being with him too who is a mountain master and he is a cosmic being guarding the portal of the mountain itself.

Adama was closely connected to me the whole time I was there and he was also connecting through me with my group of friends at home in England, UK. We were experiencing the same things . As I experienced they also received the downloads and information. We were all seeing the same things and receiving guidance and healing.

This is when I really started to understand the connection between our soul group and friends here on Earth and how one certainly does affect another. We are all so connected. Whatever I was linking in to they were also able to experience and enjoy. One of us can hold the key and open the door for many just by being in the right energy frequency.

It was fascinating how quickly the light spreads just through the one connection, one is all it takes and this light can spread to everyone you are connected to.

There is a powerful connection between each and everyone of us on the planet. The one affects all of the others, there is no doubt.

We took a trip upstate driving north to Oregon and when we were 30 miles north of Mount Shasta the pure energy we were in suddenly sharply went. Then I understood we were being shown the radius of the light was around the mountain for 30 miles.

As we drove back down south towards Shasta again we drove back into the pure healing energy within 30 miles of the mountain and my crown chakra responded by opening wide and staying wide open again. It was so significantly different to be jaw dropping.

The Masters holding the frequency and Archangel Gabriel who is closely aligned here are able to permeate a 30 mile zone of purification out around this mountain.

Adama shared with me that a pool of Ascension energy above Shasta is increasing and all who visit there in meditation as well as in person are being purified. I found my own energy significantly clearer and it was a real pity to leave, in fact I didn’t want to go.

The Masters are serving humanity from here and constantly purifying the base chakras as well as the higher centres of humanity. Also the Archangels from many different Intergalactic areas are based at Mount Shasta and drawing in the light from the many star systems around in the higher dimensions to assist Earth to lift her energies.

There is an Intergalactic Portal at Mount Shasta where the Intergalactic Federation are hoping to speed the Ascension process by bringing in light and frequencies which are being absorbed by those who ask to connect so connecting with this area in your mind will allow you to draw in the light and frequencies.
A new wave of light is coming in from across the galaxies and being pinpointed into the Mount Shasta energy field. It is being anchored there by the Masters. To receive this light is a blessing for it purifies and upgrades your light. So ask to be connected and you will be .

Adama Says
“Those that serve the Intergalactic Council are many and varied, they come from all sectors of the galaxy and frequent these portals of light. The Masters enter the Earth plane from these areas and help to keep watch and guide from these areas.

It is now that the Earth is ascending and so are many of the people upon her.

Do not fear for those who do not accept the light for doing so increases the fear level on the Earth.

Instead surround yourself with this light and ask the Intergalactic Federation to beam light down onto the

Earth into the problem zones and this way the council will pure and enlighten many.

True worth comes from within and not without”.

God Bless
Jacqueline Mary Piper

Diana’s Sabbatical

I am so looking forward to visiting the South of France for a sabbatical, away from e mails and phones! I am holidaying with Rosemary Stephenson and we will be away until mid November, returning in time for ANGEL AWARENESS DAY. Naturally Venus is coming with us. Rosemary had never met Venus but she came to my house to record the on line event on Animals and Angels and also to meet her. Luckily they adored each other! We are travelling by ferry to Bilbao and then driving to St. Jean, which is the start of the Camino (happy memories). Then on to Prades where we have booked a gite. I can’t wait for sun and relaxation and long walks and stops in French cafes and melons and peaches! It promises to be a wonderful rest though Rosemary is bringing recording equipment and her crystal bowls and I will have pen and paper, so hopefully fun creative things will also happen. I’ll let you know!

Children’s Section

Calling Primary School Teachers By Susan Browne
Do you think that children could benefit from being taught life skills through visualisations, activities, stories and exercises which would also help to manage and develop their gifts and sensitivities? This weekend I met with Diana and Ciara Kennedy to discuss the children’s section of the website. We had a fantastic weekend with lots of ideas about how to bring wellness tools and spirituality to children in this new age where children are becoming more sensitive. We want to support teachers in bringing this into the classroom in a practical way and are open to suggestions and ideas from teachers. We also want to support parents who are home schooling and may like to explore this with their children. If you would like to sample some of the exercises or visualisations for your class or group and offer us feedback on them we’d love to hear from you.

Email Ciara at: [email protected]
Susan Browne [email protected]
Dont forget to follow us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/DianaCooperChildrensCorner

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