DNA Re-patterning to Prepare for New Golden Age Online Zoom Webinar

Receive your Divine Master Blueprint 

Your DNA is your instruction manual.  The thoughts, emotions, beliefs and karma of your ancestors has profoundly affected the DNA you have inherited.  And your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs and karma have continued to influence it.  Therefore, some of the information coded in your DNA is no longer in alignment with your Divine Blueprint.

As we move towards the New Golden Age, our physical bodies must change from carbon based to crystalline based, so that our cells can carry more light.

The more deeply you relax the more easily you can release blocks, old issues and stuck energies.

Then with the help of angels, dragons and unicorns and great Illumined Masters you can go into your personal computer to reset your original Master Divine Soul Blueprint. Remember good health, new patterns, resources, your soul wisdom and gifts and talents are encoded within you.

With your Master Divine Soul Blueprint reactivated you can more easily attune to the cosmic computer where all information, divine abundance, health, peace and joy is available.

It is time now for a mass awakening and reboot of humanity’s mind sets.  Are you ready to be part of this shift?  Are you ready to accelerate your ascension? 

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