Hello Diana,

I thank you for this website. I am eager to choose an Angel card every morning. The messages are always relevant.

My question is – I had a dream quite a long time ago – years I think- I was looking at a round ball that was deep orange/yellow. It was so vivid and beautiful I look for it everywhere. It isn’t easy to find. I am wondering what it means?

Thank you, Shelley

Dear Shelley,

The dream obviously has an important message for you as you can recall it, even after years.

When we are given symbolic messages, as in dreams or meditation, the symbols that the spiritual realms choose to convey the message are always something that is relevant and meaningful for the recipient.

Although guidance can be suggested for you, the important factor is what does an orange ball mean to you?

In general, the colour orange is associated with the sacral chakra, and is representative of creativity in all its forms.

Golden Orange is also a colour associated with the Archangel Metatron.

I hope this assists you,

Angelic Blessings

Susan Rudd
Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation