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Last year I had an amazing experience in a quantum pod.  When I sat in it I asked that the highest frequency blueprint for my future be placed over me.  To my incredible astonishment El Morya stood in front of me.  He is the great Manu, the Illumined Master who is carrying the blueprint for the next evolutionary stage of humanity, the next root race for 5D human with 12 strands of DNA fully active and activated.  He held up a pure white symbol, which looked rather like a Metatron Cube but with much smaller circles and more of them, radiating from a central point. He told me that now I had received this I could pass it to others.

I was taken into a much higher dimension and from here I looked down on Earth and saw just how many people were so near to having their higher frequency blueprint placed into their energy fields.  Now the angels have asked me help others to receive their own higher frequency blueprints.

A few weeks before this experience I had received various Ascension Flames.   When you bathe in them individually you receive their concentrated light and keys and codes of their qualities.  Their power is multiplied when you invoke three together. Triple Ascension Flames ignite your latent potential and propel you up the ascension ladder.  I believe these prepared me to receive the blueprint from El Morya for the highest blueprint for my future. They massively raise your frequency and open you to accept new divine possibilities.

The Equinox is the day when the Sun and Moon, the divine masculine and feminine, are in balance.  It is time to harvest your spiritual rewards and become all you can be.

During this workshop you will

Receive a power ascension boost from Triple Ascension Flames.  These are

  •  Serapis Bey’s Pure White Flame of Atlantis, with the keys and codes of Atlantis and great protective power.
  •  Archangel Metatron’s Golden Orange Ascension Flame.
  •  El Morya’s Ascension Flame for the Perfected Human of the Golden Future

Receive from El Morya the highest blueprint for your future.

Work with the balancing power of the equinox to integrate these higher energies and possibilities.

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