Raise the frequency of the World – Ascension Power Boost to the Golden Future – Full Virtual Access

10:00 - 17:30 BST

About this Event


When enough people merge with their Monads we can precipitate humanity and the planet into the Golden Future.  Do please be part of this.



The Intergalactic Council has confirmed

this is the most important happening since the Cosmic Moment of 2012.




It is vitally important that as many people as possible join in the meditations.  Gather friends and link in together!  Tell others about it!  If we all participate we can enable amazing things to happen.  OUR COLLECTIVE POWER CAN MAKE THE INCREDIBLE POSSIBLE.

And we have powerful special guests to anchor specific very high frequency energies into the planet.


During this important day we will facilitate three meditations

* Raise the frequency of your third eye

* Receive a deep Akashic clearing from Adrian Lee

* Merge with your Monad and then



During the meditation to Raise the Frequency of your Third Eye you will

*Dissolve the 7 Veils of Illusion with the help of the dragons

* see through illusion into truth

* open up to abundance

* Create and manifest with love

*see through enlightened eyes




Will anchor 11D codes of abundance from Jupiter and its ascended aspect Jumbay into Earth and humanity to facilitate WORLD PEACE.




 Receive a deep Akashic clearing from Adrian Lee

 During a powerful meditation you will

 *dissolve all programmes and imprints that hold you back

*remove any soul contracts that no longer serve you

*experience a deep clearing on all levels


During the Merge with your Monad meditation you will

 *receive special energies from five Illumined Masters

* allow 12 archangels to awaken your angelic qualities

* experience an archangel ball

* download high frequency cosmic light from the planets

* bathe in 11D codes from Andromeda, Helios & Lyra

*channel higher cosmic light into Gaia so that she radiates golden white, the first time this has been possible in the entire history of the planet.

*petition the Intergalactic Council for help for the Earth

*Serapis Bey will place the White Flame of Atlantis over our planet to light up Earth and dissolve lower frequencies by at least 25%


And our SPECIAL GUESTS Tim Whild, Adrian Lee and Mia Kafkios

            *will anchor the 11D light codes from Helios, Andromeda & Lyra into our planet.



raise our frequency so that 8% of humanity can merge with their Monads, their I AM Presence, to enable the planet to shift into a higher dimension.


This is the first time in the entire history of the planet that it has been possible to access and anchor these energies.  JOIN THIS MISSION and help this to be achieved.



AJ Roberts is a High Priest in Arcturus and is currently working both on Earth in his physical body and on Arcturus.  He has the power to open people’s third eye chakras and can beam out the light to do this live and on-line.  His soul mission is to bring about world peace and today he will anchor the energy of Jupiter and its ascended aspect, 11D Jumbay into our planet.  This will enable a those who are ready to awaken their third eye chakras, and for the first time ever abundance consciousness and true intuition will be available to humanity.

AJ Roberts says, ‘My soul mission is to assist humanity and the planet to ascend into the golden future and at this pivotal event I will fulfil my role to the highest capacity.’


Tim Whild will anchor the 11D energy of Helios into Earth.  He is a High Priest of Arcturus and a Member of the Arcturian Council of 12.  Everything in this universe works with 12.  Most people think it is a Council of 9 but that is because the three highest Members have been at a higher frequency than we can reach.  Tim has taken leave from his role on the Council in order to help Earth with our transition.  He spends much time in Helios as a guest on their Council and is literally the only person who can anchor this divine masculine light into our planet.  It contains leadership with integrity, justice, protection of the vulnerable, decisions and actions for the highest good.  He will anchor the energy for three years.

Tim Whild says, ‘The Intergalactic Council have been preparing me all year for this event.  It is so important.’


Adrian Lee will anchor the 11D love from Andromeda, the higher heart of the Universe into Earth.  Andromeda has a Council of 12, and the frequency of the top 3 has only just come into our frequency orbit.  He is one of the three.  He too has taken leave from the Council in order to enable this planetary shift and bring higher love to humanity.  The higher love of Andromeda contains a perfect balance of love, peace and wisdom.  He will anchor the energy as long as it is needed.

Adrian Lee says, ‘I now know why the Universe has accelerated my spiritual path – to be ready for this life changing day.’


Mia Kafkios will anchor the 11D pure white unicorn light from Lyra.  Originally a High Priestess from Lyra was going to anchor this light but she can no longer do so.  The Intergalactic Council has given special permission for Mia Kafkios, who is a High Priestess of Andromeda to take over this role and she has signed a new soul contract to anchor this incredible light for the rest of her life.

Mia Kafkios says, ‘Beyond time and space this is one of the most important missions my soul has been assigned to on planet Earth.’



Tell your friends and followers.

Share on your social media.

Talk to people you meet about it.

Gather with your friends to watch the livestream together.


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Why the meditation to RAISE THE FREQUENCY of the THIRD EYE is SO IMPORTANT.

The third eye holds the keys to Abundance, Vibrant Health, Psychic Awakening, enlightenment and WORLD PEACE.


The third eye chakra of the planet is Afghanistan so it reflects the third eye chakras of humanity.  It is the last place in the world predicted to be at peace. The more of us who can raise the frequency of our third eyes, the more quickly we will bring about world peace. 

Before we can move into the fifth dimensional Golden Future we must have international peace and co-operation.

When we achieve this the Amethyst Skull containing all the wisdom of Atlantis, that has been hidden since the fall, will release its light.

This ignites the energy placed into all the crystals, especially during ceremonies, and the seams of gems within the planet, and they release their light.

This will enable a special portal in the mountains of China containing a diamond‐white love frequency to start to open.

Then true and pure love energy will flood our planet and transform us in a way that has never been possible before. It will open the higher hearts of the masses, and will move us all into fifth‐dimensional consciousness.

And another thing happens.

As we raise the frequency of our third eyes, the portal between Afghanistan and the cosmic third eye, Jupiter, will open and bring in expansion, abundance, vibrant health and enlightened attitudes. 

Archangel Raphael the Emerald green angel of healing and abundance oversees the third eye chakra is of humanity, the planet and the universe. His etheric retreat is in Portugal, which is why we are holding this world changing event in that country and livestreaming it round the world.  He will be with us every step of the way as we raise the frequency of this powerful chakra.


Receive a deep Akashic clearing from Adrian Lee.

Adrian Lee will facilitate a clearing of the Akashic records for your entire soul journey throughout the Universes, including all lifetimes on Earth and in many dimensions.  This includes clearing the restrictions, controls or etheric implants that may have been placed in you.  The book of your soul journey is held in the Halls of Amenti, in the Great Pyramid in Hollow Earth.  He genuinely holds the energy to enable you to clear your records so that you can ascend into the fifth dimension and be ready for your Monadic merge.



Originally I was asked by the spiritual realms to facilitate a meditation during a live event in Portugal to enable lightworkers to merge with their Monads.  I was told that if we can enable enough people to merge with their Monads we can shift the planet into a higher frequency.  This was awesome enough but this mission has since expanded.

At Easter 2023 my guide Kumeka gave me a monadic merge meditation and told me I must do it every single day without fail, which I have done, in preparation for this event.  The meditation too has changed and expanded.  It is incredible and gets stronger every day.  I feel as if I am a totally different person after doing it daily for four months.



  1. 5 mighty Illumined Masters give you specific energies.
  2. Archangel Ball. You connect to 12 Archangels and they awaken specific qualities for your monadic merge.  You can then permanently anchor this Archangel Ball around you and it feels incredible.
  3. Expand your cosmic aura.  You receive downloads of high frequency light with special cosmic qualities.  This feels unbelievably powerful.
  4. Channel high frequency cosmic light into Earth. When together we pour higher cosmic light into our planet it will enable Earth to radiate golden white light into the universe.  This is power with wisdom.
  5. Expand and ignite your light body until you are ready to merge with your Monad.
  6. Access and anchor the 11D frequencies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra into Earth.
  7. Together visit the Intergalactic Council to make petitions for Earth and humanity.
  8. All our Monads merge illuminating the entire universe.
  9. Serapis Bey will place the pure white Flame of Atlantis over the planet.


Here is some more information about the Monadic merge and the journey it has taken me through.

The 5 mighty Illumined Masters who will accompany you on your journey to merge with your Monad.

1. St Germain, the Keeper of the Golden Scales.

2.The mighty Merlin, the great Magician.

  1. Paul the Venetian, who carries the pure White Flame of Freedom.

4. Lord Voosloo (the highest frequency High Priest ever to incarnate in Atlantis, who brought in the codes for its jump shift into the legendary golden era and is now working with our planet once more to help us shift into the golden future)

5. El Morya (the Manu, who carries the energy and the 12 strands of DNA fully intact of the fifth dimensional human of the new golden age).

You can ask these Masters to stay with you day and night during your spiritual journey.


  1. Archangel Ball.

You connect to 12 Archangels and each of them awakens within you specific qualities to accelerate your ascension into the golden future and to enable you to merge with your Monad.  You can then permanently anchor this Archangel Ball around you and it feels incredible.  Since I started creating this Archangel Ball round me I literally feel as if qualities the Archangels have awakened in me have taken root in my consciousness.  I can do things I could not do before.  Gifts and talents have returned to me.  It is beautiful and life changing!


  1. Expand your cosmic aura

Within the cosmic chakras, the planets, are held high frequency light codes.  The key to opening these is love and you will open your heart to link to each of them to access higher cosmic energies.   These are then anchored within you and illuminated for your expansion and to massively raise your frequency.


  1. Access and anchor the 11D energies of Helios, Andromeda and Lyra.

2000 years ago, Jesus accessed and anchored the seventh dimensional Christ light. Now we are asked to do something different to bring in incredibly high frequency light for humanity. We are to reach together into Helios, Andromeda and Lyra to draw down their light codes.  Then 3 individuals will anchor this 11D energy into the planet for us all.

Tim Whild is currently the only person on the planet who can anchor the energy of Helios. Helios is the Sun beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun where all the light codes of this universe are created. These light codes carry the divine masculine, the highest masculine qualities like leadership with integrity, protection of the vulnerable, using power for the highest good.

When I spoke to Tim about this his response was immediate.  He said that the Intergalactic Council had been preparing him all year for a mission and now he knew what it was.  He confirmed that he would be in Portugal, ready and prepared to anchor the energy for humanity. He truly is a mighty and powerful soul.

Adrian Lee is the best person on the planet to anchor the light of Andromeda, the higher heart of the universe, where love, peace and wisdom are held at an 11D frequency.  He is a High Priest of Andromeda and has a huge heart. He enfolds people in the higher love energy.  He can remember signing contracts with the Andromedans and has worked tirelessly to be ready for this mission.

Mia Kafkios is a High Priestess of Andromeda, and she has agreed to take on this important lifelong responsibility to anchor the light of Lyra.  Here the highest and purest divine feminine frequencies are held plus ALL the qualities you need for your monadic merge.  Beyond the Stargate of Lyra is found the unicorn kingdom and as the Stargate opens to our collective energy, we bring through pure unicorn energy.



When you have merged with your Monad, we will all meet together so that our Monads merge.


  1. Collectively petition the Intergalactic Council for help for humanity

When we leave our Monads we will travel to the Temple of the Intergalactic Council to petition for help for humanity.  After the petitions we will collectively ask that Serapis Bey place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over the planet.  The story of this is below.


  1. Serapis Bey will place the Pure White Flame of Atlantis over our planet to dissolve 25% or more of the lower frequencies.

During my daily visits and petitions to the Intergalactic Council their attitude to this project for Earth has noticeably changed.  They are working with us and have now approved several requests.  Most recently they have (finally) agreed that if we collectively ask permission for Serapis Bey to place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over the entire planet, they will allow him to do so on 22nd October and will add the power and force of the universe to it!   The pure white Flame of Atlantis protects people from the darkness on the planet and when it is placed over Earth it will dissolve at least 25% of the lower energies.  I believe we can build on this percentage.  It will illuminate Earth and massively affect us all.

At first during my regiular visits of the Intergalactic Council they listened to and took my petitions. Then one day my guide Kumeka told me that, although they listened they weren’t really getting it. So I gathered my power and next day when I went to visit them, things changed. They invited me to sit with them and discuss this project for Earth. It was amazing.  They really gave me their full attention. When I had finished I asked if Lord Kumeka and Lord Vosloo could also address them, which they did. At the end the Intergalactic Council, as one, agreed to help us on 22nd October. Since then they have given my daily petitions to raise the frequency of Earth more and more attention.

The story of the petition for the Pure White Flame of Atlantis

I asked Serapis Bay if he would put the pure white Flame of Atlantis over the entire planet. He said he could not do this without the permission of the Intergalactic Council as it would be a major shift for us and for the universe. So I asked the intergalactic council and they needed time to consider this request. Each day I asked again!

Then they indicated that they would grant this permission if every single person who participated in the monadic merge would come to them and add their energy to the request.  For several days nothing seemed to change and then quite unexpectedly, after my morning monadic merge, I was aware of millions of souls with me in the great auditorium of the intergalactic council temple. There were 8 million people souls with me!  A few days later there were 12 million. The following day 20 million, then 150 million and now billions of souls from the entire universe are supporting us.  The contract for the whole of the planet is for 8% of the planet to raise their frequency.  Our part of this contract is to enable 16 million souls to make the monadic merge on that day.   We will fulfil it!!!  This means that the pure White Flame of Atlantis will come down over the planet.



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