Communicating with Animals Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper

Recently I was dozing in bed on a Saturday morning when Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals, came to me.  He told me that the animals are feeling the fear that is pervading the world. Many are confused. Others have much wisdom to communicate to us to help us all move through this time.

He said it was very important for us to be able to communicate with the animals for their sake and ours. Then he taught me about telepathy and how we can do it more easily.  He explained that now that we have raised our frequency so much, he is able to come in and synchronise our wave lengths with that of the animals to assist our connection. He gave me an exercise to do to that would facilitate this.  

I thought I had better practise this, so I did it with my dog Sugar and received a very clear message from her.  While our wavelengths were synchronised I was able to reassure her and she became noticeably happier!

During this zoom recording you will

  • Work with Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals.
  • Learn to synchronise your wavelengths with the animals.
  • Communicate with different animals.
  • Meet the oversoul of an animal species.
  • Experience powerful visualisations to open to higher telepathy.
  • Learn to communicate with creatures from various star systems.

If you are ready to communicate with animals and wish to help yourself, all creatures and the planet, do purchase this recording.  The price for this recording is £11.

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