Empower Your Navel Chakra – Your Centre Of Manifestation, Community And Oneness – Online Workshop with Diana Cooper

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During the golden era of Atlantis this glowing orange centre linked directly to the Sun and beyond that to Helios, the Great Central Sun.  Here the Golden Solar Dragons enabled the people to download the Codes of Power and Oneness.

These Codes radiated the warm, welcoming energy that assisted the people of that time to embrace the divine in each other so that they related at a soul level.

It permitted them to connect with the Illumined Ones and Angelic Beings and they saw the entire Universe through enlightened eyes.  As this happened they automatically drew in the Christ light.  The power of this chakra also empowered them to fulfil their visions.

We can reinstate the special qualities of the Navel now as we approach the new Golden Age.

Within Helios Archangel Metatron creates the light matter that will forge the glory of the new Golden Age.   He downloads it to those who are ready.

When you are totally in peace and harmony this chakra becomes clear and radiates serenity.  Then Archangel Gabriel who is in charge of this centre helps you to bring out and express your creative and artistic abilities.

When the navel expands we are drawn to our divine mission – and then a spiritual support network forms around us to guide us onto the golden pathway.

During this workshop you will:

  1. Visit Helios to bathe in Archangel Metatron’s blazing light.
  2. Invoke the golden Solar Dragons to re-ignite your Codes of Power.
  3. Strengthen and protect your Navel chakra with Christ Light.
  4. Journey to the Temple of the One True Light in Golden Atlantis where Lord Voosloo will restore the original 5D blueprint of Oneness.
  5. Connect with Archangel Gabriel to heal and purify your Navel.
  6. Use higher powers of manifestation to ignite the Navel chakras of humanity.

This on-line seminar is incredibly powerful and important to expand your energy and raise the frequency of the planet for we truly are One.

The price for this workshop is £11. To book your place, please complete the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be hosted on YouTube, and not Zoom. You do not need any special software.

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