Healing Under Grace Zoom Workshop

This is an opportunity to receive (and give) different types of healing.  We will invoke Archangel Raphael’s emerald healing angels.  I have personally seen his emerald light flashing through me to heal someone who was not expected to live the night as her organs had started to shut down.  Her recovery was astonishing and total. 

We will call in the Christ light that heals through Source love.  So many people are having challenges with their sacral chakras containing the sexual organs.  We will direct the Christ light to those in need and receive it into our own sacral chakras.  When you send healing with pure intent under grace, it always touches you too.

The unicorns will bring purification and healing into your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  As we relax this will affect your physical body.

The Dragons from the Pleaides wish us to call on their special heart healing powers to touch those who request it.

We will also visit the Temple of Healing in Atlantis to experience their transformational healing methods.

Expect magic, miracles and healing.

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