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Orbs are the spiritual bodies of angelic beings and they bring messages or energies.  Some are Guardian Angels and others Archangels or unicorns.  Each Archangel has a different signature within its Orb.  In this magical Zoom I will explain who they are and how you can identify them.  Sometimes there appear to be faces in them and these are spirits they are carrying.  There may be a single Orb in the sky or hundreds of Orbs.  An Orb may be hovering at a distance or actually on or round someone.  I will share why this is and what is happening.

We will explore why they are appearing now and how they can affect and enhance your spiritual journey.  An Orb is a circle. I will explain why this shape was chosen, what other shapes mean and why they are different colours.  Is there such a thing as a false Orb?  Most importantly you will learn how to look at an Orb and understand what it offers you.

You will also experience a meditation journey into an Orb.

During this recording you will learn

  • What Orbs really are and why they are appearing now.
  • How to tell which angelic being it is.
  • How to understand the shapes that they take and why.
  • How to interpret many different Orb pictures.
  • How best to take photographs of Orbs.
  • How to work with Orbs.
  • Experience a magical journey into an Orb.

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