Jesus and His Mission Zoom Workshop

Why is Jesus called the Son of God?  I was always fascinated by this and wondered what this really meant.  My guide Kumeka explained it to me and it all made perfect sense from a mystic perspective. I look forward to sharing the real reason why he is the Son of God and an understanding of virgin birth.

Because he was the Son of God and had many illumined incarnations on Earth, he was chosen to undertake the special mission to bring the Christ light into a very dark time on Earth.  Everything was carefully planned by the Intergalactic Council.

When he was born he was named after his father and only attained the name Jesus when he was 33.  The truth of where he was really born, his schooling, his subsequent training for mastery as an Essene and his travels until he was ready for his life mission, were all chosen and managed by the Great White Brotherhood.  How Jesus became an attuned vessel to bring in the Christ light to Earth is a fascinating story. So is his life after his crucifixion, during which he was overlit by Lord Maitreya.

Now the Christ light is coming to Earth from many sources and you will connect to these as you raise your frequency step by step during the Zoom.

Jesus has now attained the position of Bringer of Cosmic Love for this universe.  He brings the Christ light in directly from Source and during the Zoom he will plant the Flame of Cosmic Love into your heart.

Prepare for illumination, expansion and transformation.

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