Make a deep connection with Archangel Michael Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper

I am very excited to offer this Zoom recording about Archangel Michael, who is the Warrior Archangel and the best known of all the angels.  He is in charge of your throat chakra, which has 22 chambers and he has shown me a way of passing his strength, courage, leadership qualities and power of integrity into your energy fields through your throat chakra!!! This is incredible and powerful.  We will do special exercises in the five innermost chambers so that his light will spread out and heal the outer ones, allowing him to anchor his wonderful qualities in you.

He will seal these qualities into your aura when he places his royal blue cloak lined with gold over it.  This will also heal any breaks in your aura.

During this recording we will visit his Temple in the inner planes, where he will give you a thorough emotional uncording as well as a burden release to enable you to let go of your troubles.  This is very needed now as we move through 2020, the year of the Master Builder.

When you live and speak with integrity, honesty and honour you receive Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth  If you have already received it, he will give you his highly charged electric blue and gold Sword, so that you can use it to cut cords for others in his name.  We will also serve Gaia and humanity by cutting away mental and emotional ‘baggage’ for millions of people who have given permission at an unconscious level.

Raising the frequency of your throat chakra will enable you to connect to Telephony, the ascended aspect of Mercury, which is the cosmic throat chakra of the universe.  This will permit you to receive guidance and messages from the angels on the Golden Ray as well as keys and codes of higher communication.

I do hope you will join me on Sunday 8th March from 7- 9 UK time for this will hugely raise your frequency and anchor your protection.  At the same time it will offer massive service work to the planet.

The price for this recording is £25.

With love and angelic ascension

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