Raise the frequency of the World – Ascension Power Boost to the Golden Future – Merge with your Monad Meditation

15:00 - 16:00

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Merge with your Monad, your I AM Presence.  This is your original divine spark from Source and is your Highest Self.  During an awesome, transcendent and incredibly powerful meditation you will raise your frequency to such a level that you can make your Monadic merge.  Illumined Ones and Angels unite their energies to support you so that you will access high frequency light codes from the cosmos.  When we channel these energies into Earth, our planet will, for the first time ever, radiate golden white light into the universe.


Expand your Cosmic Potential


Prepare for an experience that will transcend your expectations.  When we have merged individually with our Monads, all our Monads will unite, and the light released will illuminate the entire universe, triggering massive personal and cosmic transformation.

The Intergalactic Council has agreed that Serapis Bey can then place the pure White Flame of Atlantis over our entire planet and this will dissolve much of the stuck energy and illuminate humanity.

The energies we harness during this event have the power to reshape our lives and the world in ways that were previously unimaginable.





During the Monadic merge meditation you will 

*receive energies from 5 Illumined Masters who accompany you on your journey.

* be surrounded by an archangel ball as 12 angels awaken specific 5D qualities.

*unlock and access high frequency cosmic light codes from the planets.

*anchor 11D codes from Andromeda, Helios & Lyra into our planet.

Adrian Lee will anchor 11D codes from Andromeda, the higher heart into the planet.

Tim Whild will anchor 11D codes from Helios that will empower you to be all that you can be in this life.

Mia Kafkios will anchor the 11D codes form Lyra that activate all the qualities for your Monadic merge

*channel the higher energy you receive into Earth so that it radiates golden white – the perfect balance of power with wisdom.


*Petition the Intergalactic Council to help our planet.

*Serapis Bey will place the White Flame of Atlantis over the world to light us up and clear lower frequencies by at least 25%.


Raise the Frequency of the World

For only £11, you gain live access to this life and world changing event, plus unlimited viewing of the recording. This means you can tap into these potent Monadic energies whenever you need a spiritual boost or wish to serve the planet. Seize this opportunity to connect with the highest realms and receive an activation that will forever transform your journey.

Join us as we collectively radiate light, for your participation will help to activate a pivotal turning point in the cosmos. Merging with your Monad accelerates your journey to enlightenment and higher ascension.

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15:00 - 16:00

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