Spontaneous Drawings to discover your relationship with your unicorn and much more

As you draw spontaneously, your unconscious mind reveals information for you. Whenever I do one I learn something about myself and I can be sure that whoever I am with will see more!

I will show you what to do if you do not like what your unconscious mind has revealed!  Your unconscious has given you information and you can re-programme it.

During this recording, I review drawings sent into me from participants of the event. Watch and learn as we unravel the hidden meaning behind these drawings and use it to help decode your own.

If you would like to draw your own, yours should include the seven following symbols, made into a picture:

  • A River
  • A Bridge
  • A Person
  • A Boat
  • A Bird
  • A Unicorn
  • A Moon

Expect an evening of fun, spiritual growth, sharing and illumination.

The price for this recording is £5.50. To purchase it, please complete the form below.

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