Switching on the Energy of Atlantis at a Higher Level Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper

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The energy of Atlantis is latent inside our chakras. During this recording we will fine-tune the centres so that we can access the higher light of Atlantis.  The angels and unicorns will help us to activate 11 switches.

During the golden era of Atlantis the people maintained their high frequency by deep relaxation, sharing and respecting the land and animals.  Their twelve chakras were open and radiating and their twelve strands of DNA were fully active.  They had spiritual and psychic gifts that are currently beyond our comprehension and were able to develop truly awesome spiritual technology.  It is time to reveal the ancient wisdom.  

When we carry higher frequencies of light we will develop crystalline bodies and live in harmlessness and oneness.  It is time to prepare for this.

During this recording you will

  • Fill your third eye with higher heart energy so that the unicorns can activate enlightenment.
  • Bathe in specific harmonics to heal and expand the chakras with the Archangels.
  • Activate a heart to heart connection with the animals in the planetary Web of Love.
  • Use Archangel Sandalphon’s fifth-dimensional bubble.  
  • Spread high frequency bubbles of love.
  • Truly connect to the Love of Earth.
  • Learn to regenerate by bringing in the divine masculine and feminine.

Lord Voosloo and Lord Kumeka will oversee this session.  

If possible have a quartz crystal and a glass of water with you.

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Workshop Recording

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