Exercise to connect with a higher being

  • Decide what questions you want to ask and which being of light you wish to invoke.
  • State your intention that you wish to communicate with this being.
  • Ground yourself by picturing roots going down from your feet deep into the earth.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection round you.  Visualise this falling into place.
  • Surround yourself in white violet light to raise your vibration.
  • Breathe comfortably and relax.
  • Feel a shaft of white gold light flowing down into your right brain.
  • Then allow it to move into your left brain and flood that.
  • Now you can communicate.  Mentally ask who has come to you.  You may or may not receive an impression.
  • Ask your questions…. Write or listen to the replies.
  • Thank the being of light who has come to you.
  • Open your eyes.

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