Exercises for Tara Books

Dragons Lair ThumbDiscussion points and exercises for each of the Tara and Her Talking Kitten Stories for adults with children

The Adventures of Tara and her Talking Kitten
1.Families. Do you know the names of your aunts and uncles? Do you know the names of your grandparents and even their parents?
Exercise. Can you draw a family tree? An example would be


Grandpa James Long



Granny Jenny English





















No children

Blake and John


Lily and Scott and Maya (me)





















2.What makes you feel jealous? What do you need to help you feel okay again?
Exercise. Picture yourself receiving the love you need.

3.Positive feedback. Practice finding one nice thing about other people or their work.
Exercise. Ask children to say one nice thing about the other children in the family, group or class. Then ask them to do a drawing and say one positive thing about these.

4.Healing friendships and making others feel good.
How does Tara heal the problem with Auntie Dottie? e.g. She said one nice thing which she genuinely meant. She smiled. She offered her something special. She said the kitten liked her.
How does Tara help Daddy? She asks him what he liked to do as a child. She listens to him and is genuinely interested.
Exercise. Decide what you can do or say to make someone feel good?

5.How did Ash-ting help Tara make friends?
e.g. She ignored it when Tracy and Rebecca rejected her and told them something interesting instead. She looked out for Rosy. She included Rosy. She was kind. She helped those less fortunate. She was cheerful.
What else helps you be friendly?
Exercise. Reach out to someone by doing something friendly.

6.When adults don’t like the way a child is behaving, it doesn’t mean they don’t love the child. Talk about this.

7.Many children are psychic. Discuss what this means, e.g. communicating telepathically. Many people do this without realizing it. They know who is on the phone or at the door before they answer it.
An aura is the colour you send round you with your thoughts and feelings. Discuss auras and how people respond to your aura.
Exercise. Ask the child or children to imagine a colour round them, then walk round and see how they feel. Then try another one.


Tara and her Talking Kitten meet the Angels and Fairies
1.If grown ups are cross it does not mean it is your fault or that you are bad. If you cannot spell, read or do sums they still love you. Talk about this.
Exercise. Draw how you feel and choose the colours carefully. Ask the child to talk about it.
2.Children have an instinct about who they like. What can you do if an adult or child does or says something you do not feel comfortable with?
Exercise. Draw yourself and your family or yourself and the person you do not like. Talk about it. After you have done this you might like to draw an angel standing either side of the person you don’t like and then see how it feels.
3.Talk about the angels. Does everyone have a guardian angel? How can your angel help you? What do you need to do for your angel to help? When will your angel not assist you and why not?
Exercise. Ask your angel to help you with something.

4.What colour are healing angels?

5.How can you help the angels?
Exercise.Ask the angels to help other people and situations.

6.Exercise.Ask the angel of animals to help some animals who need it.

Tara and her Talking Kitten meet the Fairies

1.What are elementals? Tiny spirits who assist nature. How many can you name?
Well known ones are fairies, elves, imps, pixies, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, brownies and dragons. There are many others such as sylphs, warb-urtons, undines and fauns.
Exercise. Sit quietly outside in a garden or park and sense the elementals.

2.What sort of thing do elementals do?
They help plants and flowers grow and work with the soil.
Exercise. Fill two tubs with nice soil. Then plant seeds in each. The first tub you plant the seeds and water them as they grow. The second tub you bless the seeds before you sow them. Each day encourage them, watch for growth, tell them they are doing really well, talk to the elementals whether you can see them or not and thank them for working with these plants. See how your love and blessings help the seeds to sprout and grow.

3.How do caterpillars turn into butterflies?
Exercise. If possible find a caterpillar and place it in a box with holes and the right food. Look after it carefully. Or draw a caterpillar and the stages before it becomes a butterfly.

4.Go and hug a tree, feel the bark and sense the roots.
Exercise. Find a hard leaf and place thin paper over it. Then scribble carefully over until the outline and the markings emerge. You can also do this with the bark of the tree.

5.Find an insect. Look for one nice thing about it.
Exercise. Draw the insect.

6.Discuss endangered animals. Find out about one of them. What can you do to help?


Tara and her Talking Kitten meet a Unicorn

1.Who are unicorns and how can they help people, especially children.

2.Have you ever been bullied or bullied someone? If so draw your feelings. What do you need to make you feel good about yourself? If not do you know someone who has been bullied or is a bully? How does this make you feel? Draw your feelings about this? What do they need? Discuss this.

3. How do you feel about your community, that is the people that live in your village or your street or apartment block? Do people welcome and help each other? What could you do to make a difference? Discuss.

4.Draw or trace a horse and add a beautiful horn to its forehead to make it into a unicorn. Think about unicorns as you do this and ask them to help you. Also ask how you can help them.

5.Use your imagination. Close your eyes and imagine a unicorn is coming to you. It is pouring light from its horn over you. Stroke it and let your angel lift you onto its back. Know that you are totally safe as you fly with your unicorn over the area where you live. Notice what you see and how you feel. When you come back thank the unicorn for taking you on this journey.

6.Think of something that would help your family, your school, your community or yourself. Then draw it.

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