Fearne and the Crystal Caves

Written by Catherine McMahon (Aunty Catherine), illustrated by Cathelijne Filipoo.

fearne-and-the-crystal-caves_clip_image002Fearne threw down her school bag in the hall and stormed up the stairs, slammed her bedroom door and lay face down on her bed.

“What’s the matter?” her mother asked her gently
“I hate school, I hate Louise McKenzie” Fearne shouted

“Oh dear” her mother said
“Whatever happened to make you so upset?”

“Emma is my friend, I’ve been her best friend since playschool and now smarty pants Lousy Louise McKenzie is bringing her to the cinema tonight to steal her away from me.”

“Oh honey, Louise isn’t going to take away your friendship with Emma

“But what if Emma likes Louise more than me?”

“Lots of people have more than one friend and enjoy the company of different people. Do you remember when Natalia moved here from Poland? Lauren was really worried you would like her more?”

Natalia and Lauren were Fearne cousins. Lauren lived nearby and they played together most weekends. They loved to colour and paint and make things from clay.

Natalia had lived in Poland all her life and so Fearne didn’t meet her until she moved to Ireland last year. When she first moved she had no friends so Fearne’s mother arranged for Fearne to play with her to help her settle in. Fearne soon really liked playing with Natalia and Lauren was a bit jealous.

“I know” said Fearne, “I like playing with Lauren and Natalia. We do different things together, I like to do art with Lauren but I prefer to play on the computer with Natalia. I like them the same”

“That’s right love and if Emma and Louise become good friends they will like you still too. Don’t worry honey, it will be ok”

“I know mum, I am just scared, that’s all”

“Well its Friday so that means pizza night and a movie.

Fearne tried to be in good humour but she just couldn’t. She knew her mum was right but she couldn’t shake the bad mood. The next day she didn’t feel much better. Fearne’s mother said it wasn’t good to keep thinking negative thoughts.

“It makes a big black cloud over your head and keeps you angry or sad” She told her

“Why don’t you go for a walk in the forest, that will make you feel better

You know nature is magical, it takes away the dark clouds and helps people to feel happy again.

Would you like me to come with you?”

Fearne liked it best to be in the forest alone with her fairy and elf friends

“No thank you mum I would like to be on my own for a while”

“Ok I will make you a snack and a drink to bring with you.”

Fearne’s mother packed her a sandwich and a drink. She cut a heart out of a pink sheet of paper and wrote I love you on it and put it in her lunch box as a surprise.

Fearne got ready and headed down to the bottom of her garden. She was just about to climb over the fence into the forest when she spotted her fairy friend Sorrel waiting for her. He always knew when Fearne was upset and was always there with a friendly smile waiting for her.

Fearne and Sorrel walked through the forest laughing and playing. They were chatting about life in fairy land. Fearne loved to hear about what the fairies got up to. She only thought about Emma and Louise every now and then. She was definitely beginning to feel better.

fearne-and-the-crystal-caves_clip_image004They were having so much fun that they didn’t see the gnome watching them. Gnomes live in the earth and look after the soil rocks and the crystals in the rocks. They don’t come up to the surface very often but Fearne’s laugh was such a beautiful sound to him that he wanted to come and see who was making it.

“Hello” he said to Sorrel and Fearne.

“Hello” they replied.

“Wow are you a gnome?” Fearne asked

“Yes said the gnome “my name is Jasper”

“Hello Jasper, I am Fearne and my friends name is Sorrel” Fearne replied.

“I have never seen a gnome before” Fearne told him

“We rarely come above the ground, we tend to the soil and the rocks of the earth. Your laugh made me inquisitive so I came up to have a look who was making it.

Fearne smiled, “I am sorry if we disturbed you she said.

Would you like to see my crystal caves?” he asked

“Oh yes please, I love crystals, my mum sometimes takes me to the crystal shop to see the beautiful crystals”

fearne-and-the-crystal-caves_clip_image006“Ok it’s just through here” Jasper said as he removed back a curtain of moss to reveal a large boulder. Jasper whispered to the boulder and it opened up to form a passageway.

“Wow” said Sorrel and Fearne as the three of them entered through the passageway. It seemed to light up from the crystals in the walls. They continued to walk down the passageway until it opened up to a large hall. There were caves leading off from this central hall.

Jasper beckoned them into the first cave. It was shining with beautiful pink crystals. Fearne felt like she was getting a warm hug from them. “Wow” these are beautiful she said.

“These are rose quartz” Jasper told her. “They are love in rock form. If you ever feel sad or lonely these crystals will help you to feel better” Jasper told them. They sat in the crystal cave for a while basking in the light of the loving crystals. They didn’t want to leave when Jasper said it was time to go to the next cave.

They didn’t have to be concerned though because the next cave was full of beautiful purple crystals.

“These are amethyst crystals” Jasper told them.

Fearne felt like she was buzzing, she laughed “it feels like the crystals are tickling me” she said.

fearne-and-the-crystal-caves_clip_image008“You are feeling the vibration of the crystal” Jasper said. All crystals have energy and you can feel them if you sit quietly with them. They all have special healing abilities too. Amethysts can help you to feel calm and relaxed. If you place it under your pillow at night it will help you to fall asleep. Amethyst can help people to connect to their angels and the elemental kingdom too”


Again Fearne and Sorrel where sorry to leave the amethyst cave when Jasper said time to visit the last cave.

This cave was full of beautiful orange crystals.  They sat down in the centre to feel the powerful crystals sending healing to them. Fearne felt her face make a smile.

“These are citrine crystals” Jasper told them

“What can these crystals do?” Sorrel asked

“Can you see how it looks like it has a little sun is shining in the centre? This crystal helps you to feel sunny and happy. Its also helps you to manifest things you would like and helps to motivate you.

“Cool” said Fearne

After a little while Jasper said that it was time to leave the crystal caves and that he would bring them back through the passageway to the magic gateway behind the mossy curtain and into the forest.

Sorrel and Fearne had an amazing time with Jasper, they gave him a hug and thanked him for being so kind and teaching them about the crystals in his caves.

“The crystals are really amazing I feel so much better than I did this morning. Thank you Jasper for bringing us here.” Fearne said, as they were getting ready to leave.

“Before you go I would like to give you a special crystal for you to take home. What one is your favourite” Jasper asked them

“Well they are all amazing but I really love the rose quartz the best” Fearne said. Jasper put his hand in his pocket and took out a beautiful piece of rose quartz and handed it to Fearne.

“Thank you” she said as she took the crystal and held it to her heart. “It’s beautiful, thank you” Jasper.

“And what about you Sorrel, which one did you like?” Jasper asked

“It’s hard to choose but I liked the citrine crystals, it made me feel so joyful and happy” replied Sorrel

fearne-and-the-crystal-caves_clip_image010Jasper placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a beautiful citrine. He handed it to Sorrel.

“Thank you so much Jasper” Sorrel said “it’s amazing.”

They all walked along the passageway that lead to the forest.

They said goodbye and thanked Jasper once more. Jasper whispered to the boulder which opened to let them through to the mossy curtain. Sorrel and Fearne walked back into the forest.

Sorrel walked with Fearne to the fence at the bottom of her garden.

“See you tomorrow” she said as she climbed over the fence and walked up her garden. Her mum was looking out of the kitchen window and was delighted to see Fearne had a big smile on her face. She knew the forest would take away her bad mood.

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