Fearne Helps the Flower Fairies

Written by Aunty Catherine-Catherine McMahon, illustrated by Dag Nygaard.

Fearne walked deeper into the forest, she was excited to be meeting Elvira her elf friend. Elvira was the queen of the elves who lived in the forest near Fearne’s house. Elvira was very busy with all her royal appointments so Fearne only saw her when she had a day off. Today was the first day off she had had in weeks.
Fearne made her way through the elm trees she continued through the maple trees to the area near the huge great granite boulder. This was where she was to meet Elvira. In no time at all Elvira came into view and waved to Fearne.  Elvira was taller than most elves she had long blonde hair which she tucked behind her pointed ears. She wore a green gown and a royal crown upon her head. The crown was full of jewels which the gnomes had given her from deep within the earth.


“Hello Fearne how great it is to see you” Elvira said with a smile
“Hello Elvira” Fearne replied with a bow to the queen.
“What shall we do today?” Fearne asked.
Elvira always had an exciting adventure planed for their day together.
“Some of the bumble bees are worried about the flowers in the field beside this forest. They say that the colours of the flowers are fading.” said the queen
“I am going to ask the fairies for their help. Would you like to join them?”
“Oh yes please” said Fearne ” but I don’t know how I could help”
Together they set off to where the fairies lived.
Elvira explained to the fairies what the bees had told her. “Oh no” said the fairies the flowers need our help. The fairies started to gather the group together. They joined hands in a huge circle and asked Fearne and Elvira if they wanted to join in. They both happily joined the circle.
When all hands were joined and the giant circle had been made, great big red toadstools with white spots sprouted up from the earth and surrounded them, making another circle around them.
The fairies began to sing, their voices carried right up into the clouds the sun seemed to acknowledge their singing and shine a little brighter. The clouds began to drop a light sprinkling of rain.
fearne-helps-the-flower-fairies_clip_image002Suddenly the brightest, most vibrant rainbow filled the sky. The fairies sang to it and it moved close to the circle.  The fairies laid buckets out in the centre of the circle and the rainbow poured it’s colours into each one. The fairies cheered and clapped as the buckets filled with beautiful vibrant colours.
“This is amazing” Fearne said the Elvira
“yes” said Elvira, “the fairies do a wonderful job to keep the flowers happy and healthy”
When the buckets were full, the rainbow stopped pouring in the beautiful colours and moved higher into the sky. The fairies cheered and waved and said thank-you as it faded out of sight.
The huge red toadstools magically vanished which meant the gathering was over.
The fairies took a bucket of colour each and put them in a pile ready to bring to the field. They asked Fearne if she would like to help to bring the colours the flowers.
Fearne was really happy to help and gathered as many buckets as she could.
The fairies laughed. “We don’t need to carry the buckets Fearne, we can bring them there by magic”
“Oh” said Fearne and giggled as the fairies lifted their hands and made the buckets float in the air and move towards the field.
Fearne and the fairies gathered in the field where the flowers needed their help. Fearne could see that the flowers didn’t have bright colours and their heads were pointing towards the ground.
“They look sad” Fearne said.
“Don’t worry they will be right as rain in no time” one of the fairies reassured her.
The fairies began to paint the flowers with the colours the rainbow had given them.fearne-helps-the-flower-fairies_clip_image003 Fearne helped them. She was very careful as the petals were very delicate.
As the fairies painted the flowers the flowers lifted their heads. “They look so much happier now” Fearne said
“Yes they do” Elvira replied
“Thank you fairies, you really do a wonderful job at looking after the flowers” Elvira said to them all.
When they completed their work the fairies magically sent the bucket back to fairyland.
“Lets celebrate!” the fairies shouted
“Oh yes lets” replied Fearne
The fairies sang and music began to fill the air. They sang some more and tables of food appeared. They had the most magnificent spread of cakes, scones, jams and delicious cups of juice. They danced and sang and ate until they were tired out.fearne-helps-the-flower-fairies_clip_image004“Thank-you for the wonderful party” Fearne said to the fairies when it was time to go home
“And thank you for helping us to help the flowers the fairies replied.
Fearne was very tired when she climbed into bed that night. Here dreams were filled with flowers and fairies and the delicious fairy food she had eaten at the party that day.


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