Fearne meets a Unicorn

Written by Aunty Catherine, illustrated by Cathelijne Filippo.

“Only two more days” mum told Fearne at breakfast.” Then we are going to Wales”

“I haven’t been there since I was a little girl” she told Fearne “I am really looking forward to it.”
“Me too” Fearne replied. I have been packed for weeks”

Mum chuckled, “You will need clothes too Fearne, I will help you after school” “Thanks mum, see you after school” she said as she got up from the table and grabbed her school bag.

Fearne’s school, was only down the road a little so she could walk there by herself each day.

Fearne’s family were going on camping holiday in Wales. Her mum and dad had rented a caravan and would be staying there for a whole week. They had to get a boat from Ireland to Wales and then drive to the campsite.

Fearne had never been camping before, she wanted to stay in a tent but since mum much preferred really nice luxurious hotels to camping they compromised with a caravan. Mum wasn’t convinced it was a good compromise but was looking forward to the trip none the less.

When Fearne came home from school she excitedly packed some more of her special things, the crystal given to her by Jasper the gnome, special books and a few toys.

“Fearne that’s too much stuff, can you thin it down a bit please?”
“But mum I need all of these things” she said


Mum laughed, “We are only going for a week” she said.

Fearne got up early on the morning of their holiday she was waiting for at the table for everyone at breakfast.

“Hurry up everyone” she laughed.

Dad filled up the car while mum made a picnic to bring with them for the journey.

“I wonder what it will be like on the boat” she said on the way to the docks.

“I hope there is something to do, will we have to stay in the car?” Fearne asked her parents

“No honey, we will leave the car on the car deck and go upstairs to the lounge” her mum said.

The journey on the boat was great fun. There were lots of things to do. Fearne and her dad walked round the deck and went into a little shop. Fearne bought a magazine about horses with some of the money her nana had given her.

“Look daddy these horses are so cute. I wish I could have a horse.”

“Sorry sweetheart we just don’t have room” Dad said.

“How far is it now?” Fearne asked

“Not far” her dad replied “the campsite is along this road. Have a look out the windows and see if you can see it”

“All I can see are mountains, fields and a forest she said.

“Can we go horse riding please?” Fearne asked as she was looking through her girl’s magazine about horses. “I am not sure if there is horse riding available” mum said, “We will see when we get there ok love”

“Oh there’s the sign for it, it says its just s few meters up this road” Dad interrupted

“Yay” clapped Fearne.

They checked into the campsite and the owner showed them to their caravan.  The owner had a little girl about Fearne’s age called Jade. Jade came with them to find their caravan.

“Hi , my name is Jade” the little girl said to Fearne

“Hi my names Fearne, would you like to play sometime while I am here”

“Sure that would be great” Jade said and smiled

“Come on Jade lets leave these lovely people to settle in” Jades mum said. “If you need anything just come to reception and I’ll help you out.”

“Thanks very much” Fearne’s mum said as Jade and her mum left.

“Jade seems nice” Fearne told her mum

“Yes” she replied, “maybe she will call around tomorrow and you can play for a little bit.”

“I hope so” Fearne replied

And that’s just what happened. After breakfast Fearne was looking our of the caravan window when she saw Jade walking over towards their caravan.

“Jades coming, can I go out with her please mum” she asked

“Yes but stay within the campsite ok honey”

“Hello Jade” Thanks for coming over shall we go outside to play, mum said its ok”

“Yes shall we go for a walk? There is a really nice meadow and a forest behind the campsite”

“Mum can we go into the forest?” Fearne asked before she and Jade left the caravan. “No it’s too far away but you can play in the fields up to the edge of it.”

Jade and Fearne walked over to the field they had to climb over a little fence to get into a field.

Fearne loved the field, the grass was really long and there were poppies and wild flowers growing through the grass.

Jade and Fearne played chasing, they made daisy chains and chatted together about their friends and school. They were having a really great time together

fearne-meets-a-unicorn_clip_image004“Oh look there’s a sugar fairy” Jade said.

Fearne felt her heart jump she wondered if Jade could see fairies too.

“Lets catch it and make a wish” Jade said running after the dandelion seed as it blew in the wind.

Fearne laughed, “Oh that’s a sugar fairy, in Ireland we call them wishes”

“Have you ever seen a real fairy” Fearne asked, the words came out of her mouth before she realised, she never spoke about fairies to her friends. Maybe being away from home gave her courage to mention them.

“Not yet but I have seen unicorns” replied Jade

Fearne couldn’t believe her ears.

“Unicorns! Wow really what are they like?” Fearne asked

“Amazing. Would you like to meet one” Jade asked her

“Really?” Fearne almost shouted with excitement,

“Oh yes please where are they?”

“I meet them over the other side of this field near the edge of the forest.” Jade told her

The girls walked over to the other side of the field closer to the forest.

“Do we just call them and they will come” Fearne asked

“No said Jade we need to be calm and relaxed. Let’s lie down in the grass. Close your eyes and ask the unicorns to come with your thoughts.

“Wow they can hear our thoughts” interrupted Fearne.


“When they come you will feel their presence- don’t worry if you can only feel them, they are here even if you can’t see them” Jade told Fearne

fearne-meets-a-unicorn_clip_image005The girls settled themselves on the grass. They stretched out and got comfortable they tried to be calm even though they were really excited.

“Ok are you ready, let’s ask them to come” said jade

After a few minutes Fearne felt different she felt peaceful and calm and full of love.
“They are here said Jade. Let’s open our eyes”

Fearne was worried she wouldn’t see them but she knew they were there she could feel them around her. She gently opened her eyes.

Pure white majestic horses with spiral light coming from forehead that looked like a horn were standing around the girls.

Fearne and Jade sat up.

“Wow” Fearne whispered to Jade,

“They are amazing!”

“I know lets talk to them”

“Hello” Fearne said as politely as she could

The unicorns replied. They didn’t move there mouths but Fearne heard what they said inside her head.

“Wow cool” she said

Jade and Fearne played with the unicorns all morning. It was magical.

fearne-meets-a-unicorn_clip_image007When it was lunch time they said goodbye and made there way through the field back to Fearne’s caravan.

“Looks like you two have had a busy morning” mum said

“Your dad has too, he went to reception to get brochures on the activities around here. There are lots but I am afraid there’s no horse riding, sorry dear”

That’s ok Fearne replied, I have decided I like unicorns better anyway.

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