Feeling no Closure

Hello Diana,

I have had a question that has been in my mind and heart and has been bugging me a lot lately. Just don’t know where or who to go for advice in order to get some closure. In the past five years I have lost people very dear and important to me. However I feel no closure knowing if there all in a better place. No signs, nothing. I’ve been getting really angry especially since my grandmothers passing because I myself am not too sure where she went. Can you help me?

Thanks for your time in advance. Very appreciated.


Hello Felicia,

Sorry to hear you have lost many loved ones in the last few years. When people pass over they are going home and it is a time of celebration for them BUT for us left here there is grief and sadness and anger – this is all part of us experiencing life on this planet. I feel you really need to talk through how you feel with someone – a counsellor is great because they are not emotionally involved but even talking through your feelings with a family member or friend will help. If we don’t release emotions such as anger, pain and so on they start to affect us in a physical way as well as emotionally. Keeping a reflective journal may also help you as writing feelings down can make them easier to deal with. It is perfectly normal to feel the way you do but you don’t have to deal with it on your own, ask the universe and angels to send you the right person to help. Bless you.

Penny Wing

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

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