Find Dragon Signs in Nature

Find Dragon Signs in Nature

By Aunty Betty


Want to do something really special?
Let’s go together and find Dragon signs outside in Nature.

Description: dragon susans 1We can explore outdoors together and learn to see Dragons.

Our adventure will begin outside with Mum or Dad and we can all be safe and happy together.

  • Find a nice green area, like a park or a forest or the countryside.
  • Let’s investigate all around and see if we can spot any Dragon signs nearby.
  • Look up into the sky and see the puffy clouds floating by. Can you make out the outline of any Dragons in them?
  • Search and see if you can spot them in the barks of the Trees or its many different shaped leaves all around you.


  • Explore all around in nature in the plants and all its beautiful wild flowers. See if you can make out the outline of any Dragon’s there.

Description: dragon susans 2

  • If you’re at the beach, see if you can see the outline of a Dragon’s face in the sand or dunes.
  • Never damage any nature or wildlife, but have fun looking and admiring it.


When you get home, draw a picture of the Dragon signs and if you like send it to us at




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